Animal Science Career Guide

Explore careers in Animal Science with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Animal Science, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Animal Science Career Descriptions

Agriculture Careers
Agricultural Scientists

Agricultural Science Career Explorer

Animal and Range Science Careers

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Attendant

Animal Attendant

Animal Behavior Career

Animal Breeders

Animal Breeders

Animal Caretakers

Animal Care and Service Workers

Animal Control Workers

Animal Health Technology

Animal Nutritionist

Animal Research Careers

Animal Science Careers

Animal Science Careers

Animal Scientists

Animal Technician

Animal Technician

Animal Trainers

Animal Trainers - O*Net

Aquaculture Technician

Biological Engineering

Biological Technician

Biology Careers


Canine Welfare Technician

Careers for Creature Lovers

Careers Helping Animals

Careers in Biology

Careers in Herpetology
Careers in Horse Industry

Careers in Marine Biology
Careers in Veterinary Medicine

Dog Groomer

Dog Handler

Dog Obedience Trainer


Farm Workers

Fish and Game Wardens

Fish and Wildlife Management


Game Warden


Guide Dog Instructor

Guide Dog Trainer

Guide Mobility Instructor

Herpetology Career

Horse Groom

Horse Industry Career

Horse Manager

Horse Trainer

Horse Racing Jockey

Hunters and Trappers

Kennel Workers

Integrative and Comparative Biology

Laboratory Animal Science Career

Marine Biology Careers
Marine Careers

Marine Mammal Care and Training

Marine Mammal Science

Marine Mammal Science
Marine Mammal Trainer

Marine Science Career Profiles

Pet Shop Assistant

Pet Shop Operator

Park Ranger

Primatology Careers

Ranch Workers

Range Managers

Riding Instructor


Stable Lad


Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary Corps Officer

Veterinary Medicine Career

Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Technician Specialties

Veterinary Technologist


Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Careers

Wild Jobs with Wildlife

Wildlife Rehabilitation Careers

Zoo and Aquarium Careers

Zoological Park Careers

Zoological Scientist

Zoologists - O*Net

Zoology Careers

Zoo Job Profiles

.....Addition Career Description Sites

Related Animal Science Sites

Learn the Basics

Anatomical Terms for Location - Zootomy

Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Animal Group Names

Animal Kingdom - Animal Diversity Web

Animal Kingdome Classification

Animal Overview - Wikipedia

Animal Terms - Male Female, Group, Babies

Animal Tracking Cards

Biome Habitat Animal Printouts

Bird Songs - North American

Collective Nouns, Plurals and Offspring Names

Collective Names for Animal Groups

Classification of Living Things

Earthlife Web Search Engine

Evolution - Fact and Theory

Gestation, Incubation and Longevity of Animals

Guide to Animal Tracking

Habitat Guides

Habitat Tutorial-
Call of the Wild
Habitats - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research

How Long Do Mammals Live

Identification Tools

Mammal Classification

Mammal Species of the World

Mammal - What is a Mammal

Mammals - The Order of

Scientific Classification

Scientific Classification - Wikipedia

Taxonomy - What's in a Name

Taxonomy Tables

Vertebrates- Introduction

What are Animals

What are Scientific Names

What is a Mammal

What is a Scientific Name

What do You Call a Group of

Veterinary Manual - Merk

Animal and Pet Sites

Animal Behavior Society Resources

Animal Diversity Web

Animal Myths and Legends

Animal Topics -
Librarian's Index to the Web
Animals - Digital Librarian

Animals - Yahoo

Biology Browser

Ferret Information

Ferret's Owner Manual

Migration- Journey North

Nature Serve -
Online Encyclopedia of Life
Science Resources

Pet Station

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assistance Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy Sites

Delta Society - Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Care and Health

Animal and Zoonatic Diseases

Animal Care Home Page

Animal Care- Policy Manual

Animal Care Regulations

Animal Caregivers Links

Animal CPR Instructions

Animal Diseases

Animal Doc

Animal Health -
Cornell Veterinary Medicine
Animal Health & Productivity Center

Animal Law -Federal Laws, Regulations, Policies

Animal Massage

Animal Welfare Act

Animal Welfare Information Center

Birds -
What to do with Injured Birds of Prey
Care and Safety for Use of Research Animals

Care for Animals

Care for Pets - AVMA

Center Vet Homepage

Disaster Planning for Animal Facilities

Disaster Preparedness and Response - AVMA

Diseases - Animal

Healthy Pets

National Wildlife Health Center

Pet Care -ASPCA

Pet Travel Information

Veterinary Newsletter - FDA

Veterinary Medicine Libraries

Animal Science Resources

Alternatives to Animal Testing

American Society of Animal Science

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Animal and Range Science Extension- Montana Edu

Animal Research - Medical Milestones

Animal Research Facts

Animal Science Resources -Uconn

Animal Welfare Information Center

Animal Science
Research & Homework Help
Animals in Research - Questions People Ask

BioTech Applied

Guide: Care & Use of Lab Animals

Care and Use of Experimental Animals Guide

Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

Department of Animal Science - OSU

Foundation for Biomedical Research

Good Laboratory Practices

Humane Treatment and Care of Laboratory Animals

Lab Animal Issues

Monkey Research

Office of Animal Care and Use

Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare

Nobel Prizes - The Payoff from Animal Research

Safeguarding Animal Health

Primate Research Center

Animal Rights

Am Society for Prevention of Cruelty

Animal Welfare Act

Ark Online

Animal Concerns
Humane Society- US

Endangered Species

Endangered and Threatened Species

Endangered Species

Endangered Species Program

Endangered- A World a Risk


Bronx Zoo

National Zoological Park

Philadelphia Zoo

San Francisco Zoo

Zoo Links


Zoos Worldwide

Animal Sounds Pictures, Images, Clipart

A to z Clip Art

Animal Alphabet Coloring Book

Animal Clip Art - Kid's Domain

Animal Coloring Book

Animal Coloring Pages

Animal Coloring Pages

Animal Images - NetVet

Animal Print Outs

Animal Sounds in Different Languages

Animal Sound Library

Bear Sound Library

Birds to Color

Cats - PicSearch

Cool Archive Clip Art

Copyright-Free Photo Archive

Coloring Books

Dogs - PicSearch

Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Frog Calls

Elephant Image Gallery

Horses - PicSearch

Links to Animal Pictures and Clipart

Mammal Pictures

Nocturnal Animal Sounds

Primate Vocalizations

Sounds of Exotic Animals

Wildlife Photographers

US Fish and Wildlife Images


Animal Poison Control Center

Can Birds Make You Sick

Chemical Safety cards

Diseases and Disorders

Hand Signals for Agriculture

Pets and Poison

Poisonous Plants, Animals and Arthropods

Safety Links and Resources

Turtles May be Harmful to Your Child's Health - PDF

Venomous Creatures

Venomous Animals

Working with animals Safely

Organizations and Societies

American Society of Animal Scientists

American Veterinary Medical Association

American Zoo and Aquarium Association

Am Society for Prevention of Cruelty

Humane Society- US

Marine Biology Organizations

Professional Societies and Journals

The Wilderness Society

Veterinary Science Associations

Wildlife Conservation Society

US Fish & Wildlife Endangered

Zoology Scholarly Societies


AKC- Purebred Dogs
American Kennel Club - Dog Breed Information

Breed Retriever - Information About Dog Breeds

Canine Companions National Website

Canine Corner Links and FAQs

Canine Dimensions - In-Home Dog Training

Canines of America

Dogs - Wikipedia

Dog Breed Information Center

Dog Breed Showcase
Dog Information - Wikipedia

Dog Owner's Guide

Training, Behavior & Adoption
Guide Dogs
History of the St. Bernard

Police Dog Homepage
Responsible Breeding Tips

Search and Rescue Dog Fact Sheet

Search and Rescue Dogs

Seeing Eye Dog Information

United States War Dogs Association


All About Cats

American Shorthaired Cat
Cats A to Z Menu

Cat Breeds - About.com

Cat Breeds

Cat Fanciers' Association

Cat Guide - Discovery

Cats- Wild Cats -National Geographic

Cats - Veterinary Information

Cats - Yahoo

Domestic Cat Information - Wikipedia

Feline Encyclopedia

Feline Health Center


American Saddlebred Association

Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse

Breeds of Horses - Information and Images

Dressage - What is Dressage

Dressage - Classic Dressage Notebook

Equine Law and Horsemanship Safety

Equine Rescue News and Resources


Equissage Sports Massage Therapy


Evolution of the Horse

Evolution of the Horse

Famous Race Horses

Gaited Horses.com


Gaits and Biometrics

Grooming Horses and Ponies

Guide Horse Foundation -
Free Guides for Visually Impaired
History of the Horse

History of the American Saddlebred

Hoofed Mammals

Horse - Wikipedia

Horse Behavior and Psychology

Horse Directory

Horse Care Articles

Horse Health Glossary

Horse History

Horse Knotting - Tying a Fiador Knot

Horse Protection Act

Horse Shows-
Guidelines for Junior Horse Shows
Horse Training

Horses and Horse Information

Horses Only.com

Livestock Library - Horse

Nutrient Requirements for Horses

Parts of a Horse Chart - Image

Points of a Horse Image

Racing Horses Hall of Fame

United States Equestrian Federation

United States Eventing Association

Wild Horse Sanctuary

Farm Animals

Agriculture Links and Resources

American Livestock Breeds
Animal and Poultry Species

Animal Husbandry

Breeds of Animals - Agripedia

Breeds of Livestock

Dairy Bulls
Dairy Goats

Dairy Net

Livestock Links - Farm Bureau

Livestock -
WWW Virtual Library
Pig Site - Pig Health and Diseases

Poultry Breeds

Poultry Science Virtual Library

Pork Safety Fact Sheets

Swine Breeds

Virtual Livestock Library


All About Birds

Avian Diseases

Bird Checklist of the United States

Bird Identification Center

Bird Markings and Glossary

Bird Printouts

Birds - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research

Birds n Ways

Bird Observer Sheet - Template

Birds of New Zealand

Bird Source - Birding with a Purpose

Bird Watchlist - Audubon Society

Birder's Resources -
American Birding Association
Birding Checklist - ABA

Cockatiel Resource- National

Ducks at a Glance

Electronic Resources on Ornithology

Field Marks to Identify Birds

Group Names for Birds

Globally Threatened Birds - Database

How to Identify Birds


Migratory Bird Center

National Audubon Society

Ornithology Web Library

Owl Pages

Types of Bird Feeders


Amphibian Identification Guide

Amphibian Web

Animal Information - Sea World

Animal Database - Sea World

Aquaculture Links and Resources

Aquaculture Network

Crocodilians--History and Conservation

EuroTurtle Homepage

Fish Species Database and Images

Marine & Aquatic Sciences

Marine Mammals

Reef Quest: Shark Research Program

Vancouver Aquarium

Whales, Dolphins, Porpoise--Cetacea

Whale Net - Species and Behavior

Wild Animals

All about Turtles

Alaska Wildlife Notebook

Animal Bytes - All About Animals

Animal Diversity Web

Bats - The Secret Life of

Bear - North American Bear

Big Cats - WikiJunior

Biology Browser - Mammal

Cats and Habitat Loss

Endangered Wildlife

Exotic Pets - About.com

Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection


Incredible World of Mammals

Lemur Center -
Duke University
Lizards Introduction

Mammal Species of the World

Mammals - Wikipedia

Mammals of Washington

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research - Wildlife Links

Primates- PIN

Primates - Wikipedia

Reptile Database

Reptile Guide - Animal Planet

Reptile Information - Wikipedia

Reptile Printouts - Enchanted Learning

Snake Anatomy

Snakes of North America

Snakes - Treating and Preventing Venomous Bites

Sounds of Animals

Tiger Information Center

Threatened Cat Species

Virtual Zoo - Pioneer Middle School

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Diversity - Links of Life

Wildlife Fact Sheets - Texas

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers


Schools and Training

Animal Science Schools and Programs

Dog Trainer Business- Canine Dimensions

Beef Industry Scholarship - PDF

Veterinary Technical Programs

Veterinary Colleges

Zoo and Aquarium Jobs

Lesson Plans

Animal Science Lesson Plans

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

Math for Careers - Math used on the Job

Wildlife Lesson Plans

Related Resources

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