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The Vocational Information Center website is an education directory that provides links to online resources for career exploration, technical education, work opportunities, trade and technical schools and related vocational learning resources.  Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.  vic@khake.com


Career Exploration   

Each career pathway listed below will take you to a new page which has resource links to job descriptions of various careers, online learning resources, tutorials, directories, organizations, related academics, lesson plans, technical schools and other resources related to that specific career path.

Career Pathway Pages

Agriculture Careers
...Agriculture Lesson Plans

...Agriculture Schools

Animal Science Careers
...Animal Science Lesson Plans

...Animal Science Schools

Art Careers
...Visual and Performing Arts Lesson Plans

...Art Schools

Auto Body Repair Careers
...Transportation Lesson Plans

Automotive Service Technology Careers
...Transportation Lesson Plans

...Automotive and Transportation Schools

Aviation and Aerospace
...Transportation Lesson Plans

...Aviation and Aerospace Schools

Broadcast Media Careers 
...Broadcast Media and Journalism Lesson Plans

...Broadcast Media and Journalism Schools

Business Careers
...Business Lesson Plans

...Business Schools

Carpentry and Construction
...Carpentry and Construction Schools

...Carpentry and Construction Lesson Plans

Child Care and Education
...Child Care and Education Schools

...Child Care and Education Lesson Plans

Computer and Information Technology
...Careers and Computer Links

...Networking, Programming, IT Tutorials

...Computer and Technology Lesson Plans

Cosmetology Careers
...Makeup, Skin and Cosmetics

...Hair and Hair Styles

...Cosmetology Lesson Plans

...Salon, State Boards, Cosmetology Schools

Criminal and Legal Careers
...Law, Security and Legal Occupation Schools

Culinary Arts
...Culinary Arts and Food Science Lesson Plans

...Culinary Arts and Food Science Schools

Electrical Occupations
...Electrical and Electronics Lesson Plans

...Electrical Training Schools

Electronics Careers

Energy and Power Careers

Engine Technology Careers

Engineering and Science Careers 
...Engineering and Science Related Lesson Plans

...Entrepreneur/Business Lesson Plans

Environment Careers
...Environment Related Lesson Plans

...Environment Schools

Graphic Arts Careers
...Art Lesson Plans

...Graphic Design Schools

Health Careers

...Health Tutorials and Schools

...Health Directorie, Diseases and Disorders

...Occupational and Industrial Safety

Horticulture and Landscape Design Careers
...Horticulture Lesson Plans

...Horticulture Basics and Plant Identification

...Floriculture and Botanical Gardens

...Landscaping, Pests and Pesticides

...Horticulture Schools

HVACR Careers
...HVACR Lesson Plans

...HVACR and Plumbing Schools

Journalism Careers

Machining Careers
...Machining Tutorials and Related Links

Manufacturing Careers

Masonry Careers
...Masonry Related Lesson Plans

...Masonry Schools

Military Careers

Painting and Repair Careers

Performing Arts Careers 
...Performing Arts Lesson Plans

...Performing Arts Schools

Photography and Film Careers
...Photography and Film Lesson Plans

Plumbing Careers
...Plumbing Lesson Plans

Printing Careers

Protection and Investigation Careers

Security and Risk Management Careers
...Law, Security and Legal Occupation Schools

Telecommunications Careers

Transportation Careers
...Transportation Lesson Plans

...Transportation Related Schools

Visual Arts Careers
...Arts Lesson Plans

...Visual Arts Schools

Welding and Metal Arts Careers
...Welding Links

...Welding Schools

...Metal and Metalworking Links

...Welding Lesson Plans

Additional Career Resources

Career Curriculum Resources

Vocational and Career Lesson Plans   

Career Descriptions
National and international websites that provide comprehensive career and occupational descriptions

Career Development Activities
These interactive sites provide online activities and lessons plans relating to career exploration, career decision making and career guidance.

Student Career Worksheets
This page includes links to printable worksheets for career development including: self assessment/self reflection, values, interests, skill assessments, setting goals, exploring career options, planning for the future, school and college planning, workforce preparation, networking, job search, resume, interviewing, and life management.

Tools for Classroom Projects
Templates, graphic organizers, open source software, online interactive student activities, and tools for classroom use are found on this page.

Vocational and Career and Technical Education Curriculum Resources

Career and Technical Education Standards

Career Exploration Link for Younger Students
Provides links to additional career related sites including: general career guides, career guides for younger students,elementary students, teens and girls.

Career and College Planning
    Links to career development resources and colleges planning guides

State Career and Technical Education Programs
    Interested in what the different states are doing?  Here you can find links to Career and Technical Education programs, career pathway systems, tech prep and workforce preparation resources organized by state. Resources for international  vocational education are found on here: Career and Technical Education



This section provides links skills relating to: workplace, employment, digital literacy, health literacy, citizenship, personal and life skills, and study skills.

Communication Skills
    Links to communication skills including, resume writing, report writing, grammar, interviewing, speaking and presenting.

Online Tutorial Resources
Links to on-line learning sites offering free tutorials, open educational courses, interactive learning sites for basic skills development, high school subjects and college level courses.


The focus for this section is on career and technical training with links to career school directories, distance learning directories, community colleges, apprenticeships, trade, career, vocational and technical schools.

Career and College Planning
Career planning and development sites with resources for preparing for and getting in to college

    Information about labor unions and apprenticeships; what they are and how to find one in the United States

Search for a Career or Technical School
      Find technical training and career training resources

Schools Resources by Trade
Schools organized by career clusters or program of study

Community Colleges
    Community College directories on the Internet

Colleges and Universities
    Directories for finding Colleges and Universities

Scholarships and Financial Aid 
    Find resources for specific career scholarships and financial aid for school here

Career and Technical Schools by State

Job Market

Job Market

Internet resources for status of the economy, employment trends, state labor market information, state occupational licensure,  salary guides, hot jobs, job banks, job hunting guides, child labor laws, labor unions, minimum wage, internships, worker's rights and safety.

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Occupational safety, emergency  and  trauma, construction safety, welding safety, food safety, domestic violence, fire safety and safety directories are found on this page.

Communication Skills

Links to communication skills including, resume writing, letter writing, report writing, grammar tutorials, interviewing, speaking and presenting tutorials.



The links to additional teaching resources are found on the following pages:

Career and Technical Education Resources

This page includes general vocational education resources with links to history of vocational education, occupational and industrial classification systems, career clusters, vocational associations, international vocational information, vocational education legislation and technology.

Career and Technical Teacher Resources
Resources here include adult education, adult literacy, workforce preparation, CTE state standards, occupational and skill standards, and general education standards.

Career and Technical Curriculum Resources
Resources here include vocational curricula frameworks, commercial curriculum products and work-based learning.
Classroom Tools and Templates
Helpful tools, templates and open source software to support classroom projects are listed on this page. Resources include evaluation rubrics, checklists, lesson plan templates, wizards, interactive online student activities, digital imaging and audio manipulation open source software.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and activities relating to career development, workforce development and career and technical education.

Teaching and Learning Resources

This page provides links to general educational directories, curriculum resources, educational technology, general lesson plans, learning theories, contextual learning, project based learning, standards and educational statistics.

Career and College Planning Resources
Links and resources for career and college planning are found on this  page including self assessment quizzes, career webquests, preparing for college, information about the US educational system, what can I do with this major, job hunting guides and resources for finding a technical school.

Guidance and Career Counselor Resources
Provides links to career curriculum. national and state standards, career counseling interventions, career resources for people with disabilities, special education directories, career development and career exploration.

State Career and Technical Education Programs
Interested in what the different states are doing?  Here you can find links to Career and Technical Education programs, career pathway systems, tech prep and workforce preparation resources organized by state.

A guide to free on-line tutorials, learning objects, open courses and self-paced learning modules on the Internet.

Academic integration resources to support vocational  programs are found here. English, language arts and Literature resources and are found on the main Academics page and the rest are found on the following pages.

History directories, Social studies, government, geography, maps and flag links

Links to specific science disciplines, physics, chemistry, earth, marine, life sciences,  science fair resources, science projects, science lesson plans and science education directories and gateways.

Math resources links include: math tutorials, general math directories, formulas, calculators, history of math, money, budgeting and investing, spreadsheet tutorials, statistics and data resources. 

Resources and tutorials for how math is used on the job and in specific careers.

      Links to inventions, inventors and biography sites are included on the History page.

Reference Resources


This page offers a selection of Internet reference resources including dictionaries, encyclopedias, museums, galleries, digital repositories, image collections, maps, statistics, translators and general reference sites.

Search Engines and Search Tutorials

Search Engines

Provides links to search engines and directories as well as, sites that offer tutorials on how to search the web, information liteacy resources, how to do research and evaluate a web page.

Images, Clipart and Photographs

The reference page also has an extensive listing of museums, galleries, digital repositories and image collections, including some which are copyright free.



    This site provides links to image resources on the Internet, organized by career areas and includes:
    Image Search Engines
    Clipart and Image Directories    Project Ideas

Additional Resource Pages

Health Directories: Diseases - Disorder - Disabilities
Extensive list of links to health directories, specific diseases, disorders, disabilities, infectious disease tutorials and multi-disease index sites. This page also provides links to health standards, health statistics, and self-help resources for students and adults.

Safety Resources
Occupational safety, emergency  and  trauma, construction safety, welding safety, food safety, domestic violence, fire safety and safety directories are found on this page.

    Links to pages that relate to Pennsylvania and with a small section for Chester County residents.

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