Environmental Career Guide

Explore careers in Environment with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the Environment, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Environmental Career Descriptions

Agricultural Careers
Agriculture and Natural Resource Careers

Agriculture Engineering


Animal and Plant Sciences



Biological Scientists

Biologist - How do I Become


Biomedical Engineer

Buckers and Fallers

Careers in Geoscience

Careers in Green Jobs

Careers in Marine Biology

Careers in Oceanography

Careers in the Environment

Conservation Scientists



Environmental Careers

Environmental Careers - ATEEL

Environmental Career Corner

Environmental Career Exploration

Environmental Compliance Inspectors

Environmental Consultant

Environmental Drilling and Related Careers

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Health Officer

Environmental Health Scientist

Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientists and Specialists

Environmental Technician

Environmental Technology Career

EPA Careers

Extension Agents

Fish and Game Wardens

Fish and Wildlife Managers

Forestry Careers

Forest Growing and Related Careers

Forestry and Fishing Careers

Game Wardens

Geological Engineer


Geologists, Geochemists and Geophysicists


Geoscience Technician

Green Energy Careers Guide

Green Jobs

Horticulture Careers

Land Management Careers

Landcare Worker

Life Scientists

Life Scientists

Life Works - Health and Science Careers

Marine Biology, Oceanography

Marine Biology and Oceanography Careers

Marine Careers

Marine Science Careers


Meteorology Careers


Microbiologist - ASM

Mineral Exploration and Related Careers

Mining Engineers

National Park Service Career

Natural Gas Industry Careers

Natural Resource Manager

Natural Science Managers

Ocean Science Careers


Outdoor Adventure Guide

Outdoor Career Guide

Outdoor Job Profiles

Park Naturalists

Park Naturalists

Park Naturalists

Paleontology Careers

Quarrying and Related Careers

Range Managers

Recreation Workers

Science & Engineering Careers

Soil Conservationists

Stable Attendents

Surveyors and Cartographers

Underwater Exploration

Urban and Land Use Planners

Urban and Regional Planners

Waste Management Careers

Water Industry Careers

Water Job Profiles

Water Services Officer

What is a City Planner

Wildlife Oficers

Zoo Keepers

Zoological Services


Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

Environmental Related Links

Learn the Basics about the Environment

About Temperature - Tutorial

Air - Earth's Atmosphere

Air Quality

Aquatic Ecosystems

Aquatic Image Library

Aquatic Science Resources

Biomes of the World - Berkeley

Biomes of North America

Biomes Tour

Circulation and Climate Zones

Composition of the Earth


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth Science Basics

Earth/Space Science Web-Textbook

Earthquake Information

Ecological Topics

Ecosystems - EPA

Endangered Species

Environment - Wikipedia

Environmental Basics - EPA

Environmental Classroom Resources

Environmental Dictionaries

Environmental Glossary

Environmental Maps - Scorecard

Environmental Science in the 21st Century

Environmental Technology Education Center

Exploring the World of Earth Science

Forests - Saving Them

Geography Fundamentals

Geology On-Line Labs

Glaciers and Glacier Geology

How Old is the Universe

Hurricane Names

Hydrologic Cycle

Limnology - What is it

Oceanography in the 21st Century

Oceanography and Meteorology Introduction

Nature Picture Library

Nature Serve Explorer - Online Encyclopedia of Life

Plants - What are Plants

Richter Magnitude - What is it

Sun and Moon Rise and Set Data

Virtual Chem Book - Environmental Issues

Volcanoes - How they Work

Wastewater Glossary

Water Science Glossary of Terms

Water Structure and Science


World Biomes - Explore the Biomes of the World

Biology and Bioscience

Access Excellence -
Health and Bioscience Education Resources
Biochemistry On-line Book

Biology - Online Book

Biology Encyclopedia


Microbe Zoo - Microbial Ecology

Online Biology Book

Energy Resources

Energy Careers and Energy Links

Related Technical School Resources

Career and College Planning

Environmental College and University Programs

Environmental Professional Certification

Schools - Environment, Agriculture, Animal Science

Schools Main Page

Schools by Trade or Career

Search for a Technical School

Search for Technical School by State

Natural Spaces and Resources

American Rivers

American Trails Home Page

Bureau of Land Management

Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

Create a Habitat in Your Yard

Ecosystems of  the USA


Natural Park Service

Natural Resources Research Information

Nature Conservancy

Outdoor Recreation Research Resource List

Outdoor Resources online

Outside in Nature

Park Finder - e-Nature

Parks and Recreation Web Directory

Recreation.gov - State Recreation Areas

Smart Growth- Paving the American Dream

State Wildlife and Conservation Resources

Wetlands Fact Sheet

Wildlife Field Guides

Environment Job Resources

Agriculture, Zoology and Environmental Jobs

Earthworks Jobs and Resume Posting

Environment Job and Resume Listings

Environmental Jobs and Careers

Hispanic Employment Service for Jobs

State Environmental Agencies

Environment and Ecology Directories

ATEEC - Advanced Environmental Education Center

Agriculture Links

Best Environmental Directories

Earth Trends - Environmental Information Portal

Ecology - WWW Page




Enviro Facts Data Warehouse

Envirolink Network


Environment and Natural Resources -
U of MN Extension
Environmental News Network

Environmental Organization Web Directory

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Topics

Exploring the Environment

Global Network of Environment and Technology

National Biological Information Infrastructure

National Council for Science and The Environment

National Environment Directory

National Library for the Environment

The Environmental Site

United Nations Environment Network

US Geological Survey

Pollution and Conservation

Acid Rain

Biodiversity and Conservation

Center for Plant Conservation

Conservation Center EPA

Conservation Chronology

Conservation Science

Conservation Technology Information

Environmental Protection and Pollution Resources

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

Groundwater Pollution

Marine Pollution

Noise Pollution

Oceana - Protecting the World' Oceans

Pesticides, Chemical Hazards Links


Pollutants - Toxics

Pollution Organizations

Pollution Statistics - EPA

Rotten Truth About Garbage

Scorecard - Pollution in your area

Sierra Club

Tools for Naturalists

Turning the Tide on Pollutants -
Marine Debris


Paper Recycling


Recycling Guide

Recycling Web Directory

Science Education Resources

Agricultural Sciences

Animal Science

Earth Science

Energy and Power

Horticulture and Plant Science

Science Education Resources
Science Fair Resources



Lesson Plans and Activities

Agriculture, Environment and Horticulture Lesson Plans

Agriculture and Environment Coloring Books

BIODIDAC - Digital Resource for Teaching Biology

Biology Lessons

Biology, Biodiversity and Ecology Lessons and Activities

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

Color our World - Coloring Pages

Conservation Science Resources and Activities

Green Hours - Environmental Activities

e-Nature Fun and Games

Endangered species Coloring Book

Environment Curriculum Resources and Activities

Make Your  Own Recycled Paper

Water Lessons and Activities

Virtual Tour - Wild Place and Wild Animals

Geography - The National Map


Environmental Emergencies - First Aid

Key Issues in Safety

Hazardous Waste

National Institute of Environmental Health

National Safety Council Article Library

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Outdoor Skills

US Environmental Protection Agency

Clip Art, Images and Pictures

Clip Art, Images and Pictures

Photo Bank Picture Search - UNESCO

Water Photo Library

Related Resources

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