Career and Technical School Directories

This page includes Trade, Career and Technical school directories, as well as, directories for distance learning, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities.

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Trade, Career and Technical School Directories

Career and Tech School Finder - ACCSC

College Finder - Find the Right College for You

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship Training - Listings by State

Career Specific Training & School - Yahoo

College Navigator - IES

Earth Resource System - Browse for Schools

Experience Works - Training for Seniors and Displace Workers

Pathways to Technology

Peterson's  Career College Search

Princeton Review.com - College Advanced Search

Program Search for Career College

Pennsylvania Career Guide - Schools listed by Career Type

USNews.com- Program Search

US Colleges and Universities by Specialized Programs

Vocational Schools - Mainly PA

Vocational Schools - RWM Database - Search by State

Workforce Investment Act Training Providers

Find a School in a Specific Occupational Field

.....Or Browse Schools and Training Resources in Your State

Community College Directories

College and University Directories

International School Directories

Open Courses and Free Online Learning

Closed Schools

Closed Schools Information - Student Aid on the Web
Closed School Guide for Students - PDF

Closed School Search Page

Closed Schools Monthey Report

Distance and Online Learning

Other Places to Search for Technical Training :

  • Certification Finder - Find the agency or company which issues certification in your field of work

  • Look in your local phone book for schools in you area

  • Search the AnyWho Yellow Pages -on the Internet for trade schools, technical schools or vocational schools

  • Super Pages lists schools by type and trade. Type the word School in the Category box and select your state, then click find it.  This returns a large list of schools.

  • Look in your local newspaper or Newspapers in the Education Section

  • Ask a person working in your desired job/career where they were trained

  • Visit your local library and ask a Reference Librarian for a book on Colleges or Career Colleges

  • Visit a book store and look for books on college and university listings 

  • Contact a guidance counselor at your local high school or community college for help

  • If you are looking to relocate, Earth Resource System, provides many important statistics about the area including:local media, demographics, education, environment, labor, transportation and weather.  Many larger city profiles include lists of schools.

  • Portals to the World  has electronic resources from around the world.  Select Education to view the education resources listed for that country.

Related School Resources

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