Workforce Preparation Resources and Education Standards

This page features career, adult  and vocational teacher resources for the following: Workforce Preparation, Adult Education, Tech Prep, Education Related Standards, Vocational Education and Skills Standards.  To find out what's working follow the links under Exemplary Programs.

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Workforce Preparation and Development

Adult Education Resources

Workforce Investment Act

State Workforce Investment Boards

State Workforce Investment Plans

Summary of Workforce Reauthorization

What's New in Workforce Investment

Workforce Development Initiative
Workforce Development -
US Chamber of Commerce
Workforce Investment Act of 1998  - P.L.105-220

Workforce Preparation Resources

America's Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs - PDF

Building Integrated Skills

Career Exploration

Career Navigation for Working Learners - A New Approach

Career, Technical and Vocational School Resources

College Planning Resources

Foundation Skills Network

Gap Analysis Publications, Sample Report and Template

Getting Ready for Work Readiness Credentials - PDF

Global Employment Trends

Glossary of Workforce Education Terms

Guide for Employers:
Meeting the Youth Employment Challenge
High School/High Tech Program Guide - PDF

Job and Labor Market Resources

Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011

O*Net Code Connector

Report on the American Workforce

Supporting Workplace Learning for High Performance

Training Initiative for Workforce Training

Training Packages- Career Training Resources

Work Related Learning Guide

.....Additional Resources: Skills - School, Life, Employment

Workforce Preparation Organizations and Research

Heldrich Center for Workforce Development

Jobs for the Future

Learning and Training in a Knowledge Society

National Council for Workforce Preparation

National Council for Workforce Education

National Work Readiness Credential

Scorecard for Skills

State Divisions of Occupational Licensure

State Workforce Development Resources

State Workforce Offices

What Works in Workforce Development - PDF Report

Workforce Development Publications/Factsheets

Workforce Education Special Collection

Workforce Publications -
International Labor Organization
Workforce Strategy Center

Work-Based Learning

Work - Based Foundation Skills Framework

Work - Based Learning Manual - Nebraska

Work -Based Learning Manual - Idaho

Work-Based Learning Programs - Overview

Vocational Curriculum Resources

Career and Technical Schools

Vocational Curriculum and Frameworks

Vocational and Career Lesson Plans

Tech Prep

Career Development Framework

Career Tech Connect Resource Center

Career and Technical Ed Resources by State

National Association for Tech Prep Leadership

National Tech Prep Network

Reflections on Work Experiences - Youth Survey

State Tech Prep Coordinators

Tech Prep Delaware

Tech - Prep Resources on the Web - NAPTL

Workplace Mentoring Guide

People with Disabilities

A Guide for Job Seekers Who Face Barriers

Disability and Work

Disability and Work Barrier Resources

Disability Research Centers, Agencies/ Organizations

Disability Secrets- How to Apply for Benefits

Glossary of Special Education Terms

Improving Post-Secondary Outcomes for Youth

Equalizing Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Right to Decent Work

Online Tutorials, Activities and Training Resources

Computer Tutorials - Basic Skills

Computer Tutorials - Networking, Programing, Software

Free Online Training at GCFL

GED Online Practice - Math Language Arts, Science

Learning Edge - Online Literacy Practice Modules

Math Learning - Online - Lesson, Puzzles and Games

Math Practice - Basic Online Modules

Skillwise - Online Spelling Practice

Skillwise - Online Numerancy and Science Practice

Writing - Online Practice

.....Additional Tutorials and Open Courses -
Basic Skills, High School, Adult

Adult Literacy

Adult Education Reading Instruction

Adult Literacy and Learning Home Page

Adult Literacy Glossary

Adult Literacy - Research Based Publications

Adult Literacy Wiki 

Adult Literacy Research - Opportunities and Challenges

Adult Literacy and Basic Skills - Interactive Learning

America's Literacy Directory

Center for Literacy Studies - University of Tennessee

Creating Authentic Materials for Adult Literacy Classroom - PDF

Facts at a Glance - Adult Literacy

Financial Literacy Resources

Focus on Basics - Connecting Research and Practice

Learning Skills Curriculum

Learning to Think, Learning to Learn- PDF

Literacy Skills - 7 Types

LINCS - Literacy Information and Communication System

Making It On My Own - PDF

Multiple Intelligences -
Adult Literacy and Education
National Adult Literacy Database

National Adult Literacy Agency - Ireland

National Assessment of Adult Literacy

National Center for Family Literacy

National Commission on Adult Literacy

NCSALL-National Center for the Study of Adult Learning/Literacy

NCSALL Research Publications

National Institute for Literacy

Pro Literacy Publications -
Adult Program Implementation Resources
Reach Higher - Overcoming Crisis in the Workforce Report

Savings Fitness - a Guide to Your Money and Financial Future - PDF

State Literacy Resource Centers

Staying Healthy -
And English Learners Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living
Toolboxes for ESL Tutors

Understanding What Reading is all About - PDF

Workplace Literacy - What Works and Why - PDF

.....Additional Resources Information Literacy

Adult Education Standards and Skills

ABLE and ELL Standards Based Learning

Adult Basic Education Curriculum and Standards - Florida

Adult Career Pathways

Adult Learning and Skills - Key Findings

Computers in Action - Integrate Computer Skills in Classroom

Content Standards - 16 Core Skills for Adult Learners

Equipped for the Future - Standards-based Resources

Improving Foundation Skills - PDF

Life Management Standards and Benchmarks

Standardized Adult Curriculum Framework - Texas

Teaching, Learning and Assessments for Adults - PDF

Adult Workforce Development

ABLE Workforce Development

Adult Basic Education Teacher's Toolkit

Adult Career Guide

Adult Education Resources by State

Adult English Language Learners Research - CAELA

Adult Workforce Education - Florida

Basic Skills and Workforce Preparation - Integrated Learning Activities

Basic Skills and Communication Skills for Construction Workers - PDF

Bridges to Practice - Guide to Developing Adult Programs

Career Exploration

College Transition - ABE and ESOL

Comprehensive Adult Programs

Getting Ready for the Work Readiness Credential

Office of Vocational and Adult Education

Senior Job Bank - Over 50 Population

State Directories of Adult Education

Teaching and Learning Toolkit - Equipped for the Future

Transition to College

Workbase - Supporting Workforce Literacy

Workforce Skill Certification Assessment Battery

Workforce Skills Resources

Adult Teacher and Learner Resources

Adult Numerancy - Online Practice Resources

Adult Teaching Resources - NSCALL

Authentic Workplace Material - Essential Skills

Basic Technology Workshop for Learners

Big Plus Football Academy - Numerancy and Literacy

Curriculum for People Moving into Employment - PDF

Bridges to Hospitality - Adult literacy Lessons

Building Basics -
Adult Literacy Lessons Resources for Construction
Essential Skills Toolkit

Essential Skills Toolkit - Self Assessment Tools

GED Lesson Bank

Intergrating Technology in ESL Classroom

Learning and Working Together - PDF

Math Activities and Teacher Resources

Math Learning Online - Visual Math

Math Practice - Online Modules


Skillwise - Spelling

Starting My Own Business Student Workbook - PDF

Thirteen Ed Online-
Adult Literacy and GED Resources
Understanding the Workplace - Student Activities

Use Math to Solve Problems and Communication - Equipped for the Future

Workforce Education Lab-Learning Activities

Workforce Survival Kit

Workplace Math skills - Worksheets and Lessons

Writing Practice Online

.....Additional Resources Skills for the Workplace

.....Additional Resources Math on the Job

Career and Technical Education Standards by State

Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  California  Connecticut   Delaware  Florida  Indiana  Maine  Michigan  Minnesota  Missouri   Montana  Nebraska  Nevada  New Jersey  New Mexico  New York  North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio  Oregon  Pennsylvania  South Carolina  Tennessee  Texas  Utah  Virginia  Washington  Wisconsin

Career and Technical Education Standards

Career Development Standards

Academic Standards in CTE - Wisconsin Model
Agricultural Education Standards

Apprenticeship Standards

Arts and Communications Standards

Business Education Standards MCREL

Business Education Standards -
National Business Education
Career and Employability Standards - PDF

Career and Technical Education Content Standards - SD

Career Education Program Standards - Nebraska

Career and Employability Standards- Michigan - PDF

Cisco Standards Alignment Database

Classification of Occupations - International Standard

Content Knowledge Standards - Mid-continent

CTE Curriculum Standards

CTE Performance Standards - CT

CTE Industry Sector Standards

Engineering Education Standards -
Family and Consumer Science Education Standards
Health Education Standards

Healthcare Standards

Learning Standards -
Career Development and Occupational Studies
Life Work Standards and Lessons

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

State Efforts to Integrate CTE with Rigorous Standards

Occupational Safety and Health Standards

Repository for Vocational Standards

State Standards

Standards for Career Education - MCREL

Standards for Success

Standards Based Instruction Toolkit

The Standards World - NISO

Trade and Engineering Standards

Trade and Industrial Teacher Standards

Trade and Technical Standards Organizations

Vocational Work Experience Standards

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Career Development Standards and Guidelines - Canada
Career Development Learning Standards - New York

Career Readiness Standards -New Mexico

Occupational and Industry Skills Standards

Academic and CTE Skill Standards - NCCTE
Automobile Service Technician Certification Standards - NATEF

Basic Workplace Competencies - Idaho

Career and Technical Skills Standards - Kentucky

Carpentry Skills Standards - NAHB

Certified Drafter - ADDA Certification Package

Collision Repair/Refinish Tech Standards - NATEF

Culinary Arts Competencies and Skills Tested - NOCTI

HVAC Skills Standards- HBI

I-CAR Qualification Tests

IT Skills and Standards

Knowledge and Skills Chart - CTE Career Clusters

Manufacturing Skill Standards Council

Marketing Core Competencies - NOCTI

Medium/Heavy Truck Technician Standards - NATEF

Metalworking Skills Standards - NIMS

Microsoft and IC3 Exam Objectives for Certiport Certification

Microsoft Certifications

NCCER Journey Level Assessments

NOCTI - National Occupational Testing Institute

Plumbing Skills Standards

Residential Electrician Skill Standards - PDF

Retail Industries Skills Standards

Schemes of Work- Educational and Skills

Skill Standards Documents - Vocational

Skill Standards for CTE

Skills for Today's Workforce Links

V-TECS- Skill Standards

Welding Certifications

Welding Skills - AWS

Education Related Standards

Academic Benchmarks - Standards
Baldridge, Malcolm

American Diploma Project - K-12 Benchmarks

Content Knowledge Standards

Developing Educational Standards

Education Commission of the States
Education Evaluation Standards

Life Skills Standards and Benchmarks

Life Skills for Vocational Success

Life Work Standards

McREL Standards and Benchmarks Database

NATEF Integrated Applied Academic Standards

National Board Certification Standards

National Center for Education Statistics

National Education Standards - Education World

National Educational Standards Resources

National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Science Education Standards

No Child Left Behind

Personal and Financial Literacy Standard - PDF

Professional Teaching Standards


Codes of Ethics in Professions

Technology Standards

Information Literacy Standards

Information Literacy on the Web

Information Literacy Standards - South Carolina

Information Literacy Wiki- ALA

Information, Media and Technology Skills

IT Skills and Standard - States Links

National Educational Technology Standards

Technological Literacy Standards

Technology Standards for School Administrators

Standards for Technology

Exemplary Programs

Best Practices for CIS - Alaska
Best Practices Idea Book

Building Bridges to College -
Contextualized Ed PDF
Early Childhood Education

Improving Learning - PDF

Inovations in Action

Office of Innovation and Improvement - OII

Ready or Not - Creating a High School Diploma that Works

School to Career Model Programs

What Works Clearinghouse

Workforce Strategy Publications

Workforce Strategy Continuous Improvement

Career, Vocational and Technical Training  Resources

Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

Related Vocational Resources

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