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This page provides links to specific science resources including: science directories, science fair projects, astronomy and space science, chemistry, physics, earth science, life sciences, energy and power, engineering, ocean and marine science and weather.

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Science Directories and Gateways

Biological Sciences - Intute
Encyclopedia Smithsonian

MERLOT - Learning Resources

NASA Education

National Geographic for Kids

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

National Science Digital Library -
Education Resources
National Science Foundation

Natural Sciences WikiBooks

New Scientist - Questions and Answers

NIH Office of Science Education

NSTA Science Sites

Physical Sciences - Intute

Popular Science.com

Recent Discoveries 2000

Science  Jefferson Lab -
Teacher and Student Resources
Science - Galaxy Directory

Science  - Learner.org

Science and Technology - MERLOT

Science and Technology Web Gateways
Science Beat - Berkeley Lab

Science Centers and Museums

Science Education Gateway

Science Gems- Frank Potter

USGA and Science Education

Science Lesson Plans - Smithsonian Education

ScienceNet Links
Science Resources - LII

Science Standards

Benchmarks for Science Literacy
National Science Education Standards

National Science Education Standards Overview

Scientific Method

State Science Standards

Science Search Engines

SciSeek - Science Search Engine 
Scirus - Scientific Information Search


Health and Science Timeline
History, Inventions and Biography Resources

History of Science and Technology

Astronomy and Space

Aerospace Links
Astronomical Observations

Here Comes the Sun - Solar Terrestrial Tutorial

Lunar Phases Tutorial
Science Education Gateway - Space Science

Windows to the Universe


Chemical Elements-Periodic Chart

Chemistry A Level - S-Cool

Chemistry Based Quicktime Animations

Chemistry Tutor - Think Quest

Chemistry Tutorial

Chemistry University Lectures

Elemental Data Index

General Chemistry Online

Green Chemistry Education Resources
Molecular Universe

Organic Chemistry Resources
Organic Chemistry Terms

Organic Chemistry Tutorials

Organic Chemistry Tutorials

Periodic Table Quiz Questions

Periodic Table- Web Elements

Science and Chemistry Tutorials

Web Elements - Periodic Table of Elements

Earth Science


Agriculture Related Links
Earth and Environment Classroom Resources

Earth and Live Studies - Resources for Teachers

Earth and Space Science Curriculums

Environmental Careers and Web Links

Earth and Moon Viewer

Earth Facts and Statistics

Earth Observatory - NASA
Earth Science Data

Earth, Space, Weather,Science News
Global Positioning Stations -
Clickable Map
GPS - All about
GPS, Maps and Compass - USGS

NASA Education - Science Resources

Our Changing Earth - Franklin Institute

Planet Earth Hot List
Weather, Climate Pollution
Plate Tectonics

Windows to the Universe

Earthquake and Volcano

About Earthquakes
Earth Floor

Earthquakes - USGS

Photo Glossary of Volcano Terms

Richter Magnitude

Volcano Activity and Hazards Resources

Volcano Resources for Educators

Volcano World

How Volcanoes Work


FAQs about Paleontology
Museum of Paleontology

Paleontology Portal


Geologic Time Chart
Geologic Survey - US



Geology and Earth Science

Geology Definitions

Geology Glossary

Geology of National Parks

Geoscience Center

Geological Survey- Learning Web

How Rocks are Formed

Understanding Geological Time

US Geological Survey

What is Geology

What is a Rock-What is a Mineral

Minerals and Mining

Metals Links and Resources
Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom

Mineral and Rock Names - Etymology

Mineral Education Links - Women in Mining

Mineralogist Links

Mineralogy Database

Mining and Quarrying Industry Career Guide

Virtual Cave

Virtual Caves - Browse the Wonders of Caves

Rocks and Minerals

Earth's Treasury Guide
Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom

Mineral Matters

Rocks for Kids

The Rock Cycle

Rock Watch

Virtual Quarry

Energy and Power

Alternative and Renewable Energy Links

Electricity Links and Career Resources


Engineers Edge - Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Engineering Careers and Web Resources

Engineering Learning Resources - MERLOT

Kepler's Second Law - Java Interactive Tutorial

Remote Sensing Tutorial

Temperature Tutorial - About Temperature

Open and Free Couses - Tutorials

Physics and Electronics Learning Resources

Control Of Stepping Motors - Tutorial
Electrical Circuits Basic Theory

Electrical Engineering - University Lectures

Electicity and Manetism Resources

Electricity Tutorials

Electron Microscope

Electronics Links and Career Resources

Electronics Tutorials


Earth and Life Studies Reaources
Ecology and The Environment



The Habitable Planet

Environment Directories
Environment Topics - EDIS



Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Biology - S-Cool
Biology Learning Resources - Merlot

Biology University Lectures

Classification of Living Things Tutorial


Horticulture Botany Links
Plant Identification

Plant Biology

Agricultural Links

Botany, Biology  and Horticulture Links

Pre-Med - Univerity Lectures


On-Line Biology Book



Health Career Guide

Health and Medical Links

Human Physiology WikiBook

Diseases and Disorders


Agricultural Links
Anatomy and Physiology of Animals - WikiBook

Amphibian Embryology Tutorial

Animal Science Career Links

Cat Anatomy Tutorial

Dissection of Sheep's Brain Tutorial

Zoonotic Diseases Tutorials

Pests and Pesticides

Science and Nature - Animals


Center for History of Physics 
Fear of Physics
HyperPhysics - Physics Tutorials

Laws of Physics

Learning Physics

Martindale's Physics Reference Desk

Math - S-Cool

Math Links - Calculators and Converters

Math Physics Index

Mechanics - Intro to Physics

Physical Science-BUBL

Physical Science- Homework Center

Physics - S-Cool

Physics Central

Physics for Free, Essential Physics 1 Textbook
Physics of Amusement Parks

Physics Study Guide - WikiBook

Physics Textbook- Physics for Free

Physics 2000

Physics Classroom

Physics Tutorial

Physics Resources - About.com

Physics - University Lectures

Physics Web


Physical Science Information Gateway
The Physics Zone

Zona Land - Physics and Mathematics


Ocean and Marine

Algae - What are they
American Heritage Rivers


Coastal Shoreline Website NOAA

Cool Classroom - Marine and Coastal Guide

Endangered Seas

Marine Life

Marine Biology

Ocean Circulation

Ocean Data Resource

Oceanography - Science and Technology

Our World of Water

Physical Oceanography

Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Tides and Tide Prediction

Tides - What are they

Tides Tutorial

Wetlands Fact Sheets - EPA

What are Wetlands

What Makes the Tides

Water General

American Rivers Online - Endangered
Bridging the Watershed

Clean Water - Water Stewardship

Eastern Waterfall Guide

Ecosystems - Freshwater

Endangered Aquatic Habitats

Great Lakes Information Network

Groundwater Foundation

Groundwater Forum

Groundwater - What is it

Office of Water - Kid's Page

Shoreline Education

Water Data Resources in the US

Water on the Web

Water Properties

Water Science for Schools

Water Resources -
Environmental Web Directory
Water Watch - Maps and Graphs of Currents

Weather and Air


About Rainbows
About Temperature


Archimedes Home Page

Atmospheric Sciences

Hydrologic Cycle

Heat Index Chart

Wind and Sea- NOAA


Climate Change and Our Planet
Climate Change Primer


Climatology Prediction Center - NOAA

Earth's Changing Climate

National Climatic Data Center

Measuring Weather and Weather Symbols

How to Read Weather Maps
Measuring the Weather

Symbols -
Interpreting Surface Observation Symbols
Symbols - Weather Symbols with Labels

Weather Map Symbols

Weather Station - Make Your Own

Weather Symbol Chart

Wind Chill Chart - Unisys


Extreme Weather and Climates
Extreme Weather - Wikipedia

Hurricanes Online Meteorology Guide

Hurricane Tracking Chart

National Hurricane Center

Understanding and Tracking Storms

Weather  Resources

Department of Meteorology - U of Utah
Hurricanes: An Online Meteorology Guide

Meteorology Guide

NOAA Home Page
National Weather Service
The Place for Weather - Penn State

The Weather Underground

Unisys Weather Resources

Weather - Wikipedia

Weather and Climate Learning Resources - S-Cool

Weather Education Outreach

Weather Exhibits Collection

Weather Forecasting

Weather Glossary

Weather Links for Over 1500 US Cities

Weather Words - Weather Wiz Kids

Science Education Resources and Science Fair Resources

Regents Exam Prep Center - Science, Phys, Chem Tutorials
School Science Fair Projects -
By Grade Level
Science Activities - Franklin Institute

Science Fair Central

Science Fair Handbook,
Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed.D.
Science Fair Ideas - Ventura County
Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Science Fair Projects

Science Fair Projects for Kids

Science Fair Theme Page

Science Fair Topic Index

Science Fairs - EM Tech

Science Fairs -  WWW Virtual Library

Steps in Science Fair Project

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method - WikiBook

Biology Science Fair Project Ideas
California State Science Fair
Getting Started-
Clipart Links for Projects

Creating Winning Science Fair Projects

Data, Facts and Statistics Links

Energy and Science Projects for Students

Ideas for Science Fairs

Judging Sheet Sample

Lesson Plans, Activities and Projects

Science Directories and Gateways

State and National Math and Science Standards

Kid's Science Projects - The Science Club

NASA Science Projects
Project Ideas

Process Circus - Developing Inquiry Based Process Skills

Questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

Science Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities

Agriculture Related Lesson Plans
Animal Related Lesson Plans

Conservation Education Materials - K-12

Electricity Related Lesson Plans

Engineering Related Lesson Plans

Health Related Lesson Plans

Horticulture Related Lesson Plans
Ideas - Interactive/Standards Lesson Plans

Food Science Related Lesson Plans

Learning Landscapes - Classroom Activities

NASA For Educators

Science Learning and Literacy

Vocational and Career Lesson Plans

Wind and Motion Activities - Project to Make

Related Science Resources:

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