Welding and Joining Technologies and Training

This page consists of links to welding and joining technologies, types of welding, welding safety, underwater welding, welding history, blueprint reading, technical organizations, general welding education resources as well as resources for locating welding schools or programs.  Other pages related to welding are: Careers in Welding and Metal Work, Welding Lesson Plans, and Metals and Machining.

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Welding Careers

Careers in Welding and Metal Work
Take Up the Torch - Welding Advice
What is Fabrication and Welding

Welding Basics

Dictionary of Welding Terms
Fundamentals of Welding

How To Welding Tips - Lincoln Electric

Introduction to Welding - GoWelding.org

Introduction to Welding Processes and Equipment

Introduction to Welding Processes - MEG

Joining Technologies Reference Page - JoinTech

Joining Processes - PDF

Skills and Abilities Needed for Welding - O*Net

Welded Joints - Notes

Welding - Answers.com

Welding - Wikipedia

Welding and Cutting Processes

Welding and Joining Processes - Keys to Metals

Welding Basics - Student Pamphlets

Welding Basics and Setting Up Shop

Welding Codes

Welding FAQ's

Welding Forges into the Future

Welding Fundamentals

Welding How-To's - Norco

Welding Knowledge Articles -
Processes, How-to, Projects
Welding Procedures - Goweld

Welding Procedures - JWHarris

Welding Process- Key to Steel

Welding Processes - MEG
Welding Processes - AWS

Welding Processes Tutorial

Welding Processes - Miller Weld

Welding Technical Articles - JF Lincoln Foundation

Welding Terms - Shop Talk

Welding Terms - Definitions

Welding Videos - Improve Your Skills

Specific Joining and Cutting Processes

Arc Welding
Arc Welding Basics - ESAB Unv

Arc Welding - TWI

Arc-Welding Fundamentals Lincoln Electric

Arc-Welding New Standards

Art from the Forge

Beam and Thermite Welding

Brazing and Soldering

Brazing Online Book

Classification of Welding Filler Materials

Design of Fillet Weld Sizes

Filler Metal Handbook

Flus Cored Arc Welding - GoWelding.org

Friction Stir Welding - TWI

Friction Stir Welding

Furnace Brazing Video

Gas Metal Arc Welding Handbook

Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Gas Shielded Tungsten Arc Welding

Laser Welding Video

MIG and Pulsed MIG Welding Information

Mig Welding - The Basics

MIG Welding - Real World Applications

MIG Welding How To Videos

Navy Joining Center

Non-Destructive Testing of Stainless Steel Welds

Oxy-Acetylene Welding Handbook

Oxy-Acetylene Welding Process

Oxy-Acetylene Welding Equipment - Basics

Pipe Welding Technology

Plasma Arc Welding - Pro-Fusion

Plastic Welding Guide - TWI

Plastic Welding Processes

Resistance Welding

Resistance Welding Video

Robotic Arc Welding

Robotic Welding Applications

Robotic Welding Video

Soldering - Help with

Solid State Welding

Spot Welding Video

Submerged Metal Arc Welding Handbook

TIG Torch and Tungsten Preparation

TIG Welding - Tips  Millerwelds.com

TIG Welding Basics

TIG Welding Overview - The Fabricator

TIP TIG Welding Process

TIP TIG Welding Videos

Welding and Joining of Metals

Aluminum Welding
Aluminum Welding Guide

Aluminum Welding - TIG

Aluminum Brazing

Cast Iron Welding

Copper Welding Procedures

Welding Metallurgy - Unv Cambridge

Sheet Metal Welding

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless Steel Welding Procedures

Welding of Nickel Alloys

Welding of Steels

Welding Ultra-High-Strength Steels

Welding Troubleshooting

Ensuring Weld Quality
How to Prevent Weld Failure

NASA Design Strengthens Welds

TIG Welding Problems - Millerwelds

Understanding Hydrogen Failures

Welding Defect Article - Wikipedia

Welding Troubleshooting Guide - GMAW MIG

Welding Troubleshooting Guide

Welding Troubleshooting Guide - Harris Products Group

Welding and Machining Safety

Accident Prevention Checklist
Arc Welding Safety - NASD

Basic First Aid

Chemicals Associated with Welding, Cutting and Brazing

Chemical Hazards - NIOSH

Eye Protection in the Workplace

First Aid for the Eyes

First Aid for Eye Emergencies

Fumes and Gases - Health Risks

Hazardous Gasses Arising from Cutting and Welding

Hazards Associated with Welding

Health and Safety in Welding

Machine Guarding Safety Checklist

Material Data Safety Sheets for Welding Gases

Material Data Safety Sheets - ESAB Unv

Metalworking Fluids Safety - OSHA

Occupational and Industrial Safety

OSHA Standards for Welding, Cutting and Brazing

OSHA Welding Safety

Oxyacetylene Welding Safety

Personal Protective Equipment - OSHA PDF

Preventing Weld Related Fires

Safety and Health Fact Sheets- AWS

Safety Signs

Shipbuilding and Repair Safety - OSHA

Welding and Manganese Effects - NIOSH

Welding Fumes and Gases Alert - NIOSH

Welding Hazards

Welding Hazards - OSHA

Welding Safety Facts Sheets - AWS

Welding Safety - Lincoln Electric

Welding Safety Requirements - OSHA

Workplace Eye Safety

Jobs and Certification

Boilermakers Apprenticeship Program
Industrial Engineer Job Search

Ironworkers AWS Welding Certification

Job Find - American Welding Society

Standard for AWS Certified Welders

Metalworking Industry Jobs - Ohio

Welding Certification - AWS

Welding Certification - What is Welding Certification

Underwater Welding

Cleaning and Sanitizing Diving Gear
Commercial Diving Safety

Diving History
Diving Medicine Online

Father of Underwater Welding - PDF see pg 50

Father of Underwater Welding - Whitey Grubbs

Historical Development of Welding

Hyperbaric Welding

Specialty Welds

Taking the Plunge

Timeline of Diving History

Underwater Burning Safety

Underwater Welding

Welding History

Forge Welding
History of Labor Movement Video - UA History

History of Thermal Joining Welding & Brazing

History of Welding

History of Welding - Millerwelds

History of Welding - Wikipedia

History of Welding Equipment and Supplies

History of Welding Tools

Inventor and History Resources & Links

Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area

Saugus Iron Works - Early American Industry

Welding History - Tools of the Trade

Welding Links and Resources

Art Welding Resources

Artists - Welding

Blacksmithing Educational Videos

Careers in Welding

Connect Magazine - Welding
Ed Craig's Weldareality

eFunda - Online Reference for Engineers

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
ESAB - Welding and Cutting



Ironworker Apprenticeship Program

Pipefitting Glossary of Terms

Science Resources

Shipbuilding and Repair - Overview of Industry

Shipbuilding Industry TWI

The Fabricator - Welding Focus



Welding and Gases Online Magazine

Welding Articles - Lincoln Electric

Welding Links

Welding Links- AWS

Welding Overview - Wikipedia

Welding Technical Articles - Welding.com

Welding - Yahoo Directory

Blueprint Reading, Drawing and Symbols

Blueprint Reading and Symbols
Blueprint Reading and Sketching

British Drawing Standards

British Welding Symbols

Deciphering Weld Symbols

Design Process

Dimensional Drawing Introduction

Drawing and Isometric Projection

Drawing Class Notes

Drawing Components

Drawing in 3D

Drawing a Box in Isometric

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing and Sketching

Engineering Drawing - Wikipedia

Explanation of Welding Symbols Chart

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance Terms

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing - Wikipedia

GD and T Tips and Help

Isometric Views

Isometric Drawing Tool

Orthographic Projection Planes

Orthographic Projection - Wikipedia

Principles of Engineering Drawing - PDF

Reading Drawings

Standards for Working Drawings - PDF

Structural Shape Standard Sizes

Technical Drawing Topics

Types of Dimensioning

Types of Lines

Welding Drawing Symbol and Notation

Welding Symbols

Welding Symbols

Math and Science

Area, Volume and Surface Area Formulas
Changing Decimals to Common Fractions


Conversion Factors Chart

Convert Hardness to Tensile Strength

Convert Inches to Decimals

Convert Inches to Decimal Foot

Decimal and Metric Equivalents of and Inch

Fractions Into Decimals

Hooke's Law - Strength of Material

Inches and Decimal Equivalent Chart

Joint Calculation Formulas

Math Resources and Links

Thermodynamics - Basic Information

Weld Joint Design Formulas

Welding Calculations

Welding Math Formulas

Why Learn Fitter Fitter Math

Images, Videos, and Clip Art

Arc Welding Lab Tour
Artistic Welding Gallery

Bike Frame Production

Clip Art 4 Projects

Cool Archive Clip Art

Classroom Clip Art

Design of Welded Joints Video

Engineering in Motion - Engineering Videos

Manufacturing Shop Tour - Includes Welding

Medieval Metalwork and Enamels

Metal and Fabrication Virtual Tour

Metalwork  - Index of American Design

Occupations Clips Art - Clips Ahoy

Robotic Welding Equipment

Tap Drill Sizes Chart

Welding - Moving Pictures

Welding Shop Tour - Unique Cars

Welding Symbols - GoWelding.com

Welding Symbols - PDF

Welder - PicSearch

Welding Videos - Welding.com

Welding Videos - Miller Weld

Lesson Plans, Projects and Teaching Resources

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans
Welding Lesson Plans and Activities


American Foundry Association
American National Standard Institute

American Iron and Steel Institute

American Welding Society

Edison Welding Institute

Gasses and Welding Distributors Association

Guild of Metalsmiths

Iron, Steel & Metals Trade Organizations

Material Information Society

Metal and Fabricating Associations

National Center for Construction Education and Research

NEMA - National Electric Manufacturers Association

National Institute for Metalworking Skills
Precision Metalforming Association
Professional Trade Associations

Robotics Industry Association

Socieity of  Manufacturing Engineers

The Welding Institute

Related Welding Resources:Welding, Machining and Metalworking Careers Metals Occupational Safety  Welding Lesson Plans

Welding Schools,  Programs and Training Resources

Aims Community College
Akron Machining Institute

Alabama Southern Community College - Welding

Alaska Vocational Technical Center - Pipe Welding

Allegheny Community College - Welding

Alexandria Technical College - MN

Anne Arundel Community College - Welding Programs

Angelina College

Apex Technology Center

Arizona Western College - Welding

Austin Community College - Welding

Baker College - Welding

Baran Institute of Technology

Butler Tech - Welding Industry Programs

CAL-Trade Welding School

Center for Advance Manufacturing Technology - PA

Center for Business and Industry

Cerritos College - Welding Technology

Cerro Cosa Community College - Welding

Chattanooga State - Welding

Clover Park Technical College - WA

Columbia Basin College - Welding

Community College of Allegheny County - PA

De Moines Area Community College - IA

East Central College - Welding

Edison Welding Institute

Everett Community College - Welding

Ferris State University -Welding Engineering

Fox Valley Technical College - WI

Gray's Harbor College -
Welding Basic,s Pipe, Technology
Green River Community College

Greenville Technical College SC

Hawkeye Community College - Welding

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

Holland College - Welding

Illinois Central College - Welding

Illinois Welding School

Institute for Women in Trades

ITC School of Welding - PA

Iowa Lakes Community College - Welding

Kirtland Community College - Welding

Lanier Tech - Welding

Lansing Community College - Welding

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lorain County Community College - Welding

Los Angeles Trade and Technical College - Welding

Madisonville Community College - Welding

Maryland Community College - Welding

Missouri Welding Institute

Modern Welding School

MohawkValley Community College - NY

Montana Tech Welding Engineering

Moraine Park Technical College

Moraine Valley Community College - Pipe Welding

Morehead State University

Motor Sports Welding School

Mountain Empire Community College - Welding

Mt Hood Community College - Welding

Navy Manufacturing Technology Program

New Mexico Junior College - Welding

New River Community College - Welding

North Dakota State College of Science - Welding

Northampton Community College -PA

Northwest Technology Center - Welding

Odessa College - Welding Technology

Ohio State Welding Engineering

Pasco-Hernando Community College - Welding

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Piedmont Technical College - Welding

Portland Community College - Welding

Regional Manufacturing Technology Center - Welding

Rend Lake College - Welding

Richland Community College - Welding

Ridgewater College - Welding

Rogue Community College - Industrial Welding

San Bernadino Valley College - Welding Technology

San Mateo - Welding Technology

Savanah Technical College - Welding

Sheridan College - Welding

Simi Valley Adult School

Siskyous College Welding

Skagit Valley College - Welding

Southwestern Technical College - Welding

Spokane Community College - Welding

Steamfitter Training - Philadelphia

SUNY Delhi - Welding

Tanna Valley Campus - Alaska

Technology Education - Manufacturing courses

Texas State Technical College - Welding

Texas State Technical College -Harlingen - Welding

The Welding Institute

Tidewater Community College- Welding

Tri County Technical College - Welding

Triangle Tech
Trinidad State Junior College

Trinity Valley Community College - Welding

Tulsa Welding School

University of Alaska Southeast - Welding Certificate

University of California Irvine -
Welding, Cutting and Burning
Ventura College - Welding

Walla Walla Community College - Welding Technology

Welder Institute

Welding Certification - AWS

Welding Engineering - Ferris State

Welding Program - Portland Community College

Welding Program - Treasure Valley Community College

Welding Schools of Ontario Canada

Western Wisconsin Technical College - Welding

Western Technical College - Welding

Western Wyoming Community College - Welding

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College - Welding

University of Montana - Welding

Underwater Welding Schools and Training

College of Oceaneering - Underwater Welding
Commercial Diving Academy
Commercial Diving School

Diver Training

Divers Institute of Technology -
Underwater Welding
Marine Diving Program - Santa Barbara City College
National Polytechnic - Diving and Underwater Welding


Apprenticeship and Technical Schools by State

Apprenticeship Training Programs - Oregon

Ironworkers Apprenticeship
Pipe Trades Apprenticeships

UA Apprenticeship

Welding School Directories

Blacksmith Schools and Programs
Engineering Colleges

Industrial Welding Training -
Education Direct
Metalforming Schools

Metalcasting Schools

Packaging Schools and Programs

Welding Certification - AWS

Welding/Industrial Tech Training in Georgia

Welding Skills Training Programs - Hobart

Welding School Locator - AWS

Welding School Locator - Everlast Generators

Welding School Locator - US Colleges

Welding Schools - Welder.com

Welding Schools - EWI

Welding Training - Yahoo

Welding Training in Alabama

Welding Training in Arizona

Welding Training in California

Welding Training in Connecticut

Welding Training in Minnesota

Welding Training in North Dakota

Welding Training in Oregon

Welding Training in Pennsylvania

Welding Training in South Dakota - Search

Underwater Welding Training

Search for a Welding School or Program

Accrediting Commission on Career Schools
Career Explorer

Career One Stop

College Navigator

Community College Search
Education Direct

Peterson's Detailed Search

Super College College Match Maker-
Workforce Training Providers - Search

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