Graphic Design and Printing Career Guide


Explore careers in Graphic Design with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Graphic Design and Graphic  Communications Industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Graphic Design, Graphic Communications and Printing Career Descriptions

A Digital Dreamer - Graphic Design Careers

Animation and Graphic Animation




Animator/Game Developer


Animators and Multi-media Artists

Archivists ,
Technicians and Curators
Art and Design Career Options
Art, Design and Media Careers

Art, Design and Media Skills - O*NET

Art, Technology and Design Careers

Art Careers

Artists and Related Workers

Arts and Humanities Careers

Bindery Worker

Binding/Finishing Technician

Bookbinders and Bindery Workers

Broadcast Animator

Broadcast Media Careers

Careers in the Arts

Careers in Graphic Arts

Careers in Pulp and Paper

Cartoon Artist

Cartoonist - Comic Strip Artist


Commercial and Industrial Designers -
Commercial Artist

Computer Game Designer

Computer Careers

Computer Graphics Careers

Computer Graphics Technology

Computers and IT Careers

Computing and ICT Careers

Creative and Design Arts

Creative Careers - PDF

Desktop Publisher

Desktop Publishers

Entertainment Careers

Graphic Artist

Graphic Communications Careers

Graphic Communications - Make Your Mark

Graphic Designers

Graphic Artists/Designer Careers

Graphic Art Technicians

Graphic Arts Job Profiles

Graphic Communication Careers
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer - Job Profiles

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers -
Skills, Abilities, Tasks - O*NET
Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Graphic and Audio Visual Arts

Graphics and Effects - Film Careers

How to Be a Programmer

How to Succeed in Animation

Industrial Designers

Interactive Media Careers

Interior Designer

Internet and New Media Careers

Internet/Web Professional

Media Industry Careers

Medical Illustration Career

Movie Theater Industry Careers

Multimedia Artist

Multimedia Developer

Multimedia Specialist

Offset Press Operator

Page Layout Workers

Paper Industry Careers



Photographic Processor

Photography and Film Careers

Prepress Workers

Prepress Workers

Print, Packaging and Visual Communication

Printing and Graphic Arts Careers

Printing and Publishing Careers

Printing Machine Operators

Printing Machine Operators

Public Relations Specialist

Restoration - Photographic

Set and Exhibit Designers

Set Designers

Studio Art Career Options

Video Game Designers

Video Game Development Careers

Visual Artists

Visual Artists and Designers

Web Development Careers


Website Developer

Graphic Design, Graphic Communications and Printing Related Sites

Graphic Design

A Digital Dreamer - Graphic Design Careers

Animation World

Applied Arts Magazine

Communication and Media Studies

Communication Arts Network

Computer Application Magazines -
News Directory
Computer Information & Resources

Design and Composition

Design Basics

Design Resources- Education World

Digital Design Publications

Digital Imaging Introduction

Elements of Graphic Design

Escher- The World of

Graphic Artists Information Network
Graphic Arts Collection
Graphic Design Basics

Graphic Design Glossary

Graphics Art Guild

Graphic Artists Guild Online Resources

Graphic Arts Blue Book

Graphic Arts Collection - Cary

Graphic Arts Online - Magazine

Graphic Communications Central

Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts

HOW Design Magazine

Illustration and Digital Design Resources

Internet Design & Publishing Center


Screen Printing Technologies - Industry Resources

Society for News Design

Twofifty -
Digital. Visual. Inspirational. Habitual.
Useful Skills for Digital Artists

Web Design Links & Resources

Web Style Guide -Graphics for the Web

Photography and Film

Camera System Glossary

Digital Imaging Glossary

Digital Camera Reviews

Digital Photography Review

Photography Links and Career Resources



Art Careers

Art Resources and Links

Art History Links


Getty Arts- Explore Art

Technical Drawing

The Use of Visual Arts Information



Animator's Student Corner

Cartoon Network

Cartoon and Comic Resources

Super Hero Comics Books History



12 Step Color Wheel

All About Color - Pantone

Around the Color Wheel -
Basic Color Theory

Causes of Color -
Why are Things Colored
Color - Wikipedia

Color in Graphic Design

Color Chart - Non-Dithering Hues

Color Design Notes

Color in Design and Art

Color Matters

Color Mixing and Goethes Triangle

Color Theory

Color Theory Overview

Color Wheel

How Color Effect US

Make a Splash with Color

Phenomenon of Light and Color

Psychology of Color

Webmaster's Color Lab


3-D Animation Tutorial

3-D Greeting Cards

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Adobe PhotoShop Tutorials

Adobe PhotoShop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Art in Technological Times

Art Tutorials

Art Tutorials and Lessons

Browser Safe Color Palettes

CAD Tutorials

Color Theory Lessons

Compression Algorithms

Computer Arts Tutorials -
Flash, 3D, Vector
Computer Graphics - Learning on the Web

Computer Graphics - MIT Open Course

Computer Lab Tutorials

Computer Related Tutorials

CorelDraw Tutorials

CSS Tutorial

Decimal/Binary/Hex/ACSII Tables

Design Tutorials - Adobe

Digital Age - Free Audio and Video

Digital Imaging Tutorial

Draw 3D

Figure Drawing Lab

Flash Development Center

Game Design

Graphic Arts Tutorials

Graphic Design Center - Tutorials and Tips

Graphic Design Tutorials

Graphic File Formats

Hexadecimal Converter

Holographic Imaging

How a Cartoon is Made

How to Make a Pop Up Card

How To Articles - Creative Pro

HTML Basics

Illustrator Tutorials

Introduction to Computer Graphics

IT Software Help

Luker's Guide to Video

Microsoft Front Page Assistance

Microsoft Front Page Tutorial

MPEG-  Pointers and Resources

Museum Of Papermaking

Multimedia Design Tutorials

Open Course Finders

Papermaking for Beginners

Photography Tutorials

PhotoShop Roadmap - Tutorials

PhotoShop Tutorials - Distortion

Quark Tutorials

Quark Tutorials

Quark Xpress Tutorials

Quark Xpress Tutorials

Screen Printing Tutorial

Tutorials - Online Tutorial Links

Typography Tutorials

Web Design Tutorials

Web Development

What is Computer Graphics

What is Stop Motion Animation

Woodblock Printmaking

Lesson Plans and Activities

A Lifetime of Color - Lessons and Activities

Art Related Lesson Plans

Cards for Kids Lesson Ideas

Communication Systems Activities

Graphic Communications for Kids - Activities

Graphic Communications Skill Standards

Graphic Communication Framework

Papermaking 4 to Explore

Screen Printing Curriculum Guide

Quick Art Lesson Ideas

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Copyright and Law

Copyright Basics
Copyright Office

Creative Commons

How to Register Visual Art Work

Multimedia Law Handbook

Image and Picture Resources

Image and Picture Collections
Digital Image Repositories

Image Reference Resources

Canon Digital Learning Center

Computer Graphics- Refdesk

Digital Imaging Glossary

Digital Imaging What is

Digital Learning Center - Kodak

File Formats Information


Imaging Introduction

Non-Dithering Codes by Value

Web Dev Images


About the Paper Industry

All About Paper

Artistry in Papermaking

Book and Paper -
Conservation and Restoration
Book and Paper Links

Center for Paper Business and Industry

Common Paper Sizes

Dylex Paper Facts -

FAQs About Paper

Handmade Paper Introduction

Invention of Paper

Making a Paper Mache Bowl

Oriland - Origami Learning Center

Paper - Wikipedia

Paper Artist - Jeanne Petrosky
Paper Fun & Learning

Paper Glossary

Paper History Links

Paper Industry Facts

Paper Industry Tools -
Glossary, Encyclopedia, Converters
Paper Sizes

Papermaking Articles for Beginners

Papermaking Techniques

Papermaking Tutorial

Papermaking Supplies

Paper University - TAPPI

Pulp and Paper Industry Facts

Screen Printing

Watermark Digital Archive

What's That Stuff - Paper

Printing and Printmaking

Block Printing

British Printing Industry Federation

Choosing and Using Type

Color Printing Introduction

Commercial Printing Glossary

Evolution Of Type

Giclee Printing

Glossary of Printing Terms

Graphic Arts Digital Museum

In-Plant Graphics Magazine


Japanese Printmaking Technique Handbook

Japanese Prints - Viewing

Letterpress Printing Introduction


Prepress Terms

Prepressure Page

Print - American Graphic Design Magazine

Print Industry How To's - Creative Pro

Print Week Magazine

Printing - Columbia Encyclopedia

Printing and Publishing Industry

Printing Impressions Magazine

Printing Industry Information - GAIN

Printing Press and the Changing World

Printing Terms

Printing Terms

Printing Terms Glossary

Printmaking Links

Printmaking Organizations

Type Anatomy

Type Museum - ABG Typography



Art History Links & Resources

Art History Timeline
Egyptian Papyrus


History of Mediums

History of Paper

History of Papermaking

History of Printing

History of Printing Industry in America

Infancy of Printing

Inventor of Paper - Lun Tsai

Origins of American Animation

Paper History Channel

Paper Online

Paper History Timeline

Papermaking through the Ages

Photography History

Political Cartoons History

Printing of the Bible

Printing Press and a Changing World

Prints and Photography - Art History

Type - A Brief History

Type - Evolution

Woodblock Printing


Chemical Hazards Pocket Guide - NIOSH

Computer Workstation Safety - OSHA

Computer Workstation Safety Checklist

Electric and Magnetic Fields

Electronic Product Radiation Control

Ergonomics - Alternative Keyboards

Guide to Skin Protection

Health and Safety in the Arts

Less Toxic Printmaking

Material Data Safety Sheets

NIOSH - Occupational Safety

Occupational and Industrial Safety Links

Occupational Health


Photography Chemicals - Safety and Health

Printmaking Hazards and Cautions

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Video Display Terminals Hazards - NIOSH

Working Safely at Video Display Terminals -

Graphic Design Schools and Training

Animation Schools

Graphic Design, Arts and Photography Schools

Graphic Design Schools

Graphic Communications School and Programs

Graphic Communication Schools

Multimedia/Games Schools

Scholarships in Graphic Communications

Graphic Design Job Resources

Art Jobs

Computer and Graphic Design Job Search

Creative Hotlist -
Job Search and Resume Posting
Graphic Design Jobs

Job Market Links & Resources

Jobs in Arts, TV, and Graphics

Pulp, Paper and Related Tech Colleges/Universities

Related Resources

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