Visual Arts Career Guide

Explore careers in Art with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Art, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Visual Arts Career Descriptions

3-D Renderer - Designer
Advertising Account Executive

Advertising Careers


Apparel Design Major



Art and Design Workers

Art Career Paths

Art Careers

Art Careers

Art Directors

Art Historians

Art History

Art History

Art History Careers

Art Librarian

Arts Managers

Art Teachers

Art Teachers

Art Therapist

Art Therapist

Artisans and Craftspeople

Artist Career Profile

Artist-Scientest Portrait

Artists and Related Workers

Arts Administrator

Arts and Communications Careers

Arts and Humanities Careers

Arts Career Cluster

Arts and Entertainment Careers

Arts, Design and Crafts

Broadcast Media Careers

Cake Decorators

Careers in Arts for People with Disabilities

Careers in the Arts



Comic Book Artist

Commercial and Industrial Designers

Commercial Artists - PDF
Commercial Artist

Computer and ICT Careers

Costume Designer

Costume Designer

Craft Artist

Craft Artist


Creative Designer Arts

Design Careers

Graphic Designers


Drafting Technicians

Entrepreneur - Start Your Own Business

Exhibit Designers - ONET

Exhibition Designer

Fashion and Textile Design

Fashion Designer

Fashion Merchandising

Fine Artist

Fine Artists

Floral Designer

Footwear Designer

Furniture Designer

Glass Blowers

Graphic Design Careers

Graphic Designers and Illustrators


Illustrator's Career Guidance

Industrial Design Careers

Industrial Designers

Industrial Designers

Industrial Designer

Interactive Media Careers

Interior Design Career

Interior Designers

Interior Designer

Interior Designers


Jewelry Crafter

Landscaping Careers
Makeup Artist

Medical Illustrators

Medical Illustrator

My Heroes - Artists

Multimedia Artists

Museum Curator

Museum Officer

Museum Technicians

Ornamental Blacksmith

Painters and Illustrators

Painter and Sculptor

Painters and Illustrators -
Painting Related Careers


Performing Arts Careers

Photographic Retouchers

Photography and Film Careers

Picture Framer


Potter Ceramist

Print Finishing Artist

Printing Careers

Public Relations Specialist

Screen Printer


Set and Exhibit Designers

Set Designers - ONET


Sketch Artist - ONET

Stone Cutters and Carvers

Storyboard Artist

Studio Art

Studio Art Careers

Tattoo Designer

Theater Exhibit Designers

Toy Designer

Visual Artists

Visual Artists

Web Designers and New Media

Visual Arts Related Sites

Visual Arts Directories

ADAM - Art Gateway

Art by School and Region

Art - Digital Librarian

Art Advice.com

Art and Art History -
Voice of the Shuttle
Art and Humanities - LII

Art and Humanity Societies

Art Conservation Resources

Art Department- Incredible

Art Design - Open Directory

Art Links - BUBL

Art Magazines - News Directory

Arts, Crafts and Humanities - LII

Art Magazines & Journals -
Education World
CARTS - Cultural Art Resources
Collector's Guide - Thirty Kinds of Art

Color Matters
Design Resources - Education World

Drawing & Painting - Education World

Magic of Painting

NYFA - New York Foundation for the Arts

Printing Careers & Links

Visual & Performing Arts - INFOMINE

Visual Arts and Design - The Free Encyclopedia

Visual Arts Resources -
Education World
Visual Arts - Open Directory
Visual Arts - Yahoo

WWW Virtual Library - Art

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Careers and Resource links

Art and Architecture

Architecture - Voice of the Shuttle
Art and Architecture - 42Explore

Art Education

Art Curriculum and Lesson Plans -NAEA
Art Education Resources for K-12

Art Learning Resources
Art Studio Chalkboard Drawing

Arts Connect Education

Arts Ed Net

Arts Edge -
National Arts and Foundation Center
Arts Education - Arts USA

Artsonia - Online Gallery for Student's Work

Creative Arts

Eyes on Art

Learning About Art

PaPa iNk - iCurator FAQ

Student Art Gallery - Bellevue School District

Lesson Plans and Activities

Art Lessons - Incredible Art Department

Art Lesson Plans - National Gallery of Art

Art Curriculum Models and Standards

Artist's Toolkit

Ceramics in the Classroom

Cool Curriculum- K-College Art Classroom

Lesson Plans for the Arts

Multimedia - From Wagner to Virtual Reality

Thematic Art Units

Visual Arts Lesson Plans - Arts Edge

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Art Museums, Libraries, and Organizations

Access Place - Museums, News, Theatre
Accredited Museums

American Craft Council

American Artists -
Smithsonian American Art Museum
American Museum of Art- Smithsonian

ARLIS - Art Libraries Guide to the Web

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Art and Humanities Scholarly Societies

Art Associations and Societies

Art Associations and Organizations

Art Museums and Exhibits Guide

Art Museum Network

Art Appraisers

Artist Blacksmith Association

Association of Illustrators

College Art Association

Corning Museum of Glass

Enamel Societies and Organizations

Fine Arts Collection - IPL

Fine Arts Scholarly Societies

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Musee - Museums Around the World

National Art Education Association

National Assembly of State Art Agencies

National Association of Independent Artists

National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Canada

National Endowment for the Arts

National Library of Australia - Pictures Catalog

National Museum of American Illustrators

Papermaking Organizations

Print Center Resources

Researching Your Art - Be an Art Detective

Society of Illustrators

State and Regional Art Organizations

State Art Agencies

Textile Organizations

Virtual Library Museum Pages

Virtual Museum of Canada

Worldwide Art Resources

Copyright and Art Law Resources

Art Director and the Law - Articles
Art Law Resources

Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Artists

Copyright in Visual Arts

Copyright Office Home Page -  US

Copyright Registration for Works of Art

Copyright Law and Policy

Digital Millenium Copyright Act - PDF

Guide to Artist's Rights

US Patent and Trademark Office

Visual Artist's Rights Act 1990

Craft - Metal, Stone, Glass, Wood, Paper

ArtMetal - Metal Decorative Arts
Arts and Crafts Organizations and Societies

Branches of Ceramics

Ceramics and Pottery - LII

Ceramics - History and Uses

Ceramic Properties Databases

Fabric Information and Facts
Fiber arts Magazine

Fiber and Fabric - 42Explore

Glass Facts

Glass Glossary of Terms

Glass Glossary of Tools

Glass - Resource on Glass

Glass Art Society

Glass Types and Forms

i Craft - Tips and Lessons

International Sculptor Center

Native American Art

Neutske Sculpture FAQ

Paper Making Links

Pottery Guidebook - Japanese Pottery

Pottery Making Illustrated

Pottery - 42Explore

Sculpture Parks

Sculptors Resources

Sculpture - Wikipedia

Stone and Marble - Sculpture and Carving

Woodworking Resources and Links

Woodworking - 42Explore

Weaving - 42Explore

Welding and Metal Arts Links

White House Collection of Crafts


Photography Careers
Photography Links and Resources

Photography - 42Explore

Photography and Film Schools

So You Wanna Learn to Take Great Photos

Art Tutorials

About Ceramics
Arranging Furniture & Floor Plans -
Interior Design 
Art Courses Online

Art Movements and Periods- Reference Guide

Art Tech Tutorials

Art Tutorials

Art Tutorials for Educators and Students

Arts and Craft Movement

Calligraphy - 42Explore

Caring for Your Collections

Caring for Your Treasures

Categories for Description of Works of Art

Color - Design Notes

Color Study - A lifetime of Color

Color Theory Lessons -
Wet Canvas 
Color Wheel

Color Wheel Dynamics

Color Wheel-
Pigment and RBG HTML Palette
Color Design Principles

Color Theory and Mixing

Composition and Design

Drawing - 42Explore

Drawing One - Point Perspective

Effective Color Contrast

Elements of Art

Elements of Art

Graphic Arts Links, Careers & Tutorials

How to Throw a Pot

Making Water-based Paint

Movements in the Arts

Papermaking - 42Explore

Perspective Drawing

Landscape Composition

Learn Origami

Lifetime of Color Study

Painting 101 - Basics for Beginners
Painting and Color

Painting - The Free Encyclopedia

Painting Lessons

Perspective Drawing - Linear

Perspective Drawing

Sensation and Perception Tutorials

Use of Visual Information in Art

What is Paint

...Additional Tutorial Resources

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Alphabet of Art

Artcyclopedia- Top 30 Artists

ArtLex- Dictionary of Visual Art

Fine Art Glossary

Art History

Art History Resource Index - Artist Masters
Art and Art History -
Voice of the Shuttle
Art History Resources on the Web

Art Nouveau

Cave Painting - Cave of Chauvet -Pont D'Arc

Color Printing in the 19th Century

Costume History

Costume History -
The Costume Page 
Early Women Artists

Escher - The World of

Famous Artists Index

Himalayan Art

History of Dyes

History of Fashion and Dress

History of Mediums

Japan's Fine Art Chronology

Paper History and Links

Timeline of Art History

Web Gallery of Art

Women in the Arts

World's Greatest Artists

Math in Art

Fibonacci in Art

Fibonacci Numbers & Golden Section

Fibonacci Series

Golden Section in Art

Golden Triangle

More Math Resources

PHI - The Golden Number

Art Job Resources

Art Jobs

Art Jobs in Visual Arts

Arts Employment Spot

Job Market Resources & Links

Jobs in the Arts, Entertainment & Graphics

Art, Entertainment & Graphics Jobs

ZAPPlication -  Online Show Application

Art School Resources

Art Schools and Programs

Art Schools - American Craft Council

Ceramic Education Courses

Enamel Education Classes

Fiber Arts Education

Glass Art Schools

Glass Art Schools - Glass Art Society

Graphic Art Schools

Jewelry and Metalsmithing Schools

Jewelry and Metalworking Scholarships

Technical and Community Colleges

Textile Design Schools - Surface Art

Wood Turning Schools

Safety in the Arts

Accident Investigation


Art and Craft Hazards

Art Hazards

Art Material Guidelines

Artists Health and Safety Resources

Artist Safety

Ergonomics - Safety Sheets

Chemical Hazards Pocket Guide - NIOSH

Graphic Arts Health and Safety

Green Art Studio

Hazards in the Art Classroom

Hazardous Chemicals in Pigments

Hazardous Substances Fact Sheets

Health and Safety in the Arts

Household Product Database - Health and Safety

Indoor Air Pollution

International Occupational Safety and Health Center

Maintaining a Healthy Studio

Metalworking Hazards

Occupational and Industrial Safety Resources

Painting Health and Safety

Product Labeling

Poison Control Centers - Find Your Local Centers

Safe Use of Art and Craft Materials

Safety Self Inspection Checklist

Small Business Safety Plan Handbook

Studio Art Safety

Studio Art and Craft Safety

Studio Ergonomics

Studio Safety

Toxic Facts

Toxic Metals

Toxic Substances Database

Turpentine Hazards - NIOSH

Turpentine Health Hazard - PDF

Ventilation in the Workspace - PDF

Waste Management for Artists

Workplace Health and Safety

Images, Pictures and Galleries

Image and Picture Resources

Digital Image Repositories

Fabric and Costume

Costume Image Database

FabricLink - Learning about Fabrics

Fashion & Costume Clip Art Links

Fashion Institute of Technology Library

Art Therapy

American Art Therapy Association

Art Therapy on the Web

Arts in Therapy Network

...Additional Health Resources

Related Resources:

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