Performing Arts Career Guide

Explore careers in the Performing Arts with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about Performing Arts, follow the related links below the career descriptions section.

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Performing Arts Career Descriptions

Actors and Actresses

Actors and Dancers

Actors, Directors, and Producers

Actors - Skills and Abilities


Agents and Business Managers

Agents and Managers


Arts and Cultural Planner

Arts and Entertainment Careers

Arts and Entertainment Careers

Arts and Entertainment Career Profiles

Arts and Humanities Careers

Arts and Humanities Career Cluster

Arts and Media Career Cluster

Arts, Culture and Media Careers

Art, Music and Entertainment Careers

Audiovisual Technician

Ballet Dancer

Beauty Industry Careers

Broadcast Media Careers


Camera Operators

Career Guide for Music Majors

Career Videos

Career Videos in the Arts

Careers in Music

Careers in Music- MENC

Careers in Music Therapy

Careers in the Music Industry

Careers in Theater

Careers in the Arts Overview

Casting Director



Circus Performer

Classical Musician


Composers and Music Arrangers


Costume Designer

Costume Maker

Creative and Performing Artists

Creative Writers

Dance Movement/Therapy Career

Dance Teacher

Dance Therapist

Dancers Skills and Abilities


Dancers and Choreographers

Director - Film and TV

Design Careers

Drama and Theater Technology


Entertainment and Media Careers

Entertainment and Sports Careers
Entertainment Manager

Fashion Designers

Fashion Model

Film and Photography Careers

Film and Video Makeup Artist

Film Camera Operator

Guitar Technician

Grips and Set Up Workers - Skills

Grips and Set Up Workers

Hair Dressers and Cosmetologists

Image Consultant

Instrumental Musician

Jazz Musician

Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer

Lighting Technician

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

Media Planner

Media Presenter

Model - Skills and Abilities

Motion Picture and Video Industry

Movie Theatre Careers

Music Agent

Music Arrangers

Music Arrangers

Music Career Choices

Music Career - What Can I do with it

Music Careers

Music Critic

Music Conductor

Music Directors

Music Industry Promotions Manager

Music Instrument Maker

Music Instrument Repairer and Tuner

Music Major Resource Kit

Music Teachers

Music Teachers

Music Tutor

Music Production and Performance Careers

Music Professions

Music Promotions Manager

Music Publisher

Music Teacher

Music Therapist

Musical Instrument Technician


Musicians - Instrumental

Musicians - Popular

Musicians and Related Careers

Musicians and Singers


Performing Arts Administrator

Performing Arts Careers

Performing Arts Career Profiles

Performing Arts Careers

Performing Arts Job Family
Performing Arts Support Workers

Piano Technician

Piano Tuner


Poets, Lyricists and Writers

Popular Musician

Press Agent


Producers and Directors

Prop Maker

Prop Maker

Puppet Designer

Recording Engineers

Recreational Therapist

Riggers Page



Set Decorators

Set Designer

Set Designer

Set Designers

Set Production Worker

Singer - Popular




Solo Performer - Music Careers

Sound Engineering Skills and Abilities

Sound Technician

Sound Technician

Special Effects Specialists

Stage Hand

Stage Manager

Stage Scenery Designer

Stage Technician

Storyboard Artist

Stunt Performer

Stunt Person

Talent Agent

Talent Directors

Talent Directors - Skills and Abilities

Talk Show Host

Theater Attendants

Theater Directors

Theater, What Can I Do with a Career in

Ticket Seller

TV and Film Careers

TV Presenter

TV/Film Runner


Ushers and Ticket Takers

Visual Arts Careers

Wardrobe Person

Wardrobe Specialists

Young Musician's Career Corner

Performing Arts Related Sites

Performing Arts Resources

Directory Resources

Arts and Entertainment - ThinkQuest Library

Guide to Performing Arts

Learning Resources Online Liverpool Institute Performing Arts

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

Performing Arts Links - Digital Librarian

Performing Arts Magazines - News Directory

Performing Arts Reading Room -
Library of Congress
Performing Arts Topics - LII

Performing Arts - Yahoo

Performing Arts - Wikipedia

The New Creative Economy Report - PDF

History Resources for Performing Arts

Actor's Equity Timeline

Ancient Playwrights

Ballet Years - History 1924- present

Composer Timeline

Dancer's Hall of Fame

Historic American Sheet Music

History of Classical Music

Historical Dance Illustrations

History of Costume

History of Film

History of Theater

History of Music

Music History 102

Opera Timelines

Piano History

Singing - A Brief History

Society of Dance History Scholars

Theater History on the Web

Tony Awards History

...Additional History Links

Dance Resources


American Ballet Theatre - Ballet Dictionary

Art of Dance - Russian Ballet Soloists

Ballet Basic Steps

Ballet Encyclopedia

Ballet Overview - Wikipedia

Ballet Steps - Movies

CyberDance - Ballet on the Net

Dance Styles

Folk Dances by Origin

Lessons in Ballet

New York City Ballet Resources

Repertoire Archive ABT

The Ballet.com - ThinkQuest


American Dance Therapy Association

Copyright Primer for Dance Community

Curricular Resources in Dance

Dance - Artsites Search

Dance and Ballet International Resources - Artlynx

Dance and Music Page -
Voice of the Shuttle
Dance Companies on the Web

Dance Dictionary- Arthur Murray

Dance Education Links

Dance Links

Dance Magazines - News Directory

Dance Notation Basics

Dance Notation Bureau

Dance Organizations

Dance Scholarly Societies

Dance USA

Dance - World Wide Arts Resources

National Dance Association

Types of Dance Styles - Wikipedia

Drama, Acting, and Theater Resources


Actor's Equity Association

Classic Movie Site - About.com

Contract - To Work with or Without

Film Making and Photography Resources

Method Acting Procedures

Nonverbal and Gesture Library

Oscars - Academy Awards

Screen Actors Guild

What Every Actor Should Know

Young Performers Laws


Creative Writer's Rights

Medieval Drama

Writer's Resources


British Theater Design Collections

Broadway International Database

Broadway Play Publishing


Didaskalis - Ancient Theater Today

Focus on Theater - About.com

London Theater Guide

Opera Base

Playbill On-Line - Broadway Resources

Reader's Theater Page


Theater Groups Search Machine

Theater Industry - Business.com

Theater Journal - Project Muse

Theater Major Resource Kit - UDel

Theater Resources -
World Wide Arts Resources
Theater Image Resources on the Internet - NYPL

Theatrical Contracts - PDF

Tony Awards

Safety and Health Issues

Achilles Tendonitis

Alexander Technique and Musicians

Ankle Sprain

Athletes and Eating Disorders

Arts Craft and Theater Safety


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chemical Safety - MSDS

Diseases, Disorders and Conditions

Ease Performance Anxiety Naturally

Eating Disorders - Something Fishy

Fall Protection

Flute Ergonomy

Hand and Wrist Anatomy

Hand University - Hand Disorders

Health and Safety in Performing Arts

How to Protect Your Hearing

How to Resolve Dystonias

Injury Prevention Resources for Performing Arts

Jumper's Knee

Medical Issues in Music

Muscle Strain

Muscle Physiology

Music Health and Therapy

Musicians and Injuries

Performing Arts Medical Links

Safety and Health in the Arts

Safety Bulletins for Motion Picture and TV Industry

Trigger Finger and Trigger Thumb

Theater and Dance Safety Sheets

Theatrical Smoke and Fog

Voice Disorders

...Additional Safety and Health Links

Images and Clipart

Ballet Photo Gallery

Cool Archive Clip Art

Classroom Clip Art

Music Clip Art and Pictures

Performing Arts Images, Photos and Clipart

Printable Staff Pages


Business Toolkit for Artists - Press, Business Plan, Contracts

Arts and Entertainment Job Resources

Jobs in the Arts

Musician Job Resources

Music Resources

Learn about Music - Tutorials

Auditory System - Anatomy and Physiology

Basic Music Theory

Basics of Music


Care and Handling of Recorded Materials

Chords and Notes

Chords and Harmony

Ear Trainer

Electric Bass Basics

Electric Bass Guitar

Essential of Music - Glossary

Essentials of Music

Fun With Music - San Francisco Symphony

Glossary of Musical Terms

Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords Search

Guitar Tuning

Guitar Tutor

How Music Licensing Works

How to Enjoy and Live Concert

How to Put on a Musical

How to Read Music

Instrument Encyclopedia

Learn about Classical Music -
Mathematics and Music

Multimedia Music Directory

Music and Money

Music Cognition Dictionary

Music Courses,Lessons, and Tutorials

Music Dictionary

Music in the Movies

Music Industry Basics

Musical Instruments - ThinkQuest

Musical Notation

Musical Notation - Wikipedia

Music Theory Links

Music Theory and History Online

Music Words - Pronouncing Dictionary

Music Theory.net -Lessons, Trainers and Utilities

New York Philharmonic Kidzone

Opera Topics

PianoNanny.com Piano Lessons on the Net

Reading Music Introduction

Recording Skills - Music Technology

Scales -What is a Scale

Scales and Modes

Songwriting Resources

Sound Production Articles

Sound Track Introduction

Sounds of Illusions -
Sounds of Moving Images

Trumpet Factory Tour - Making of a Trumpet

Types of Music

What is Music Theory

Woodwind Fingering Guides

Writing Effective Songs

Composers and Composition

Adante - Classical Music Reference

American Composers Alliance

Bach, J.S. Biography

Eras and Composers


Cue Sheet Corner

Grammy Awards

Mozart Project Biography

Songwriter and Composer Portal


Early Instrument Links

Instruments of the World

Musical Instrument Classification

Musical Instrument Encyclopedia

Musical Instruments - BUBL

Music Instruments - How Stuff Works

National Music Museum

Rhythm Web -
World Percussion and Rhythm
Symphony Orchestra Members

The Orchestra

Mathematics and Science in Music

Mathematics and Music

Physics and Science Resources

Pythagorean Tuning - Basic Concepts

What is Sound - How do We Hear

Classical Music

Classical Music - Naxos

Music Education Resources

Chord Calculator

Copyright Guide for Music Librarians

The National Association for Music Education
Music for Kids Resources

Music Hall - Music Education Resources

Printable Staff Paper Page

Printable Staff Paper Generator

Oscar's Teacher Guide to Film

Lesson Plans and Activities

Critiquing Films

Dance Activities - PA Ballet

Music Crafts

Stories Online - Stories Read by Actors

Seeing Music Lesson

Teaching Theater

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Music Links

Children's Music Web Guide


Lyrics World - Links to Lyrics

Music Magazines - News Directory

Music Reference Desk

Music Resources - Digital Librarian

Music Web Resources UM Library

Musicals 101

Musician Magazines - News Directory

Opera - The A to Z Synopsis of Operas

Pop Music - All Music Guide

Recording Academy Web Resources

Treasure Trove of Music

Worldwide Internet Music Resources

WWW Sites for Musicologists

Unions and Associations

Actor's Equity.org

American Federation of Musicians

American Music Therapy Association

American Society of Composers

Association of Performing Arts Presenters

Digital Electronic Music Organization

Music Associations on the Net

Music Organizations and Societies

Music Scholarly Societies

Music Society Organizations

Music Societies, Organizations and Associations

Music Societies and Organizations

Music Unions

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

Theater Associations on the Net

Young Concert Artists, Inc.

Youth Orchestra of the Americas

Writer's Guild of America - West
Writer' Guild of America - East

Schools and Training

Accredited Dance Schools

Dance Colleges - Cyberdance

Dance Schools

Dance Schools - Cyberdance

Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts

Schools of Music

Schools of Music and Music Departments

Trained Actor - Theater Schools

Music Schools

UK Performing Arts Industry and Training

...Additional School Resources

Related Resources

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