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Math Resources for Career and Technical Education focusing on how math is used by specific technical careers.  Additional Math resources for formulas, tutorials, money, financial literacy, math tools, history of math, and specific math disciplines are found on the
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How Math is Used on the Job

Algebra in the Real World - Videos
Careers with Maths Library

Exactly How is Math Used in Technology

Examining How Math is Used in the Workplace

Math in Careers Database - Math Needed on the Job

Math in Technology - Sample Problems

Math in the Workplace

Math in the Workplace - Sample Problems

Math Technology Integration

Mathematics and Elections

Mathematics Discoveries - NSF

Mathletics - Math in Sports

Measurement - How am I ever going to use this stuff

Plus Magazine - Practical Applications of Mathematics

Practical Uses of Math and Science

Real People - Math They Use on the Job Videos

Real People - Using Algebra on the Job - Videos

Math at Work Brochures

Why Must I learn Math

Applied Academics Lesson Plans

Applied Academic Problems in a Work Context
Applied Academics -
Lessons linked to Math and Occupations
Applied Math Basics
Applied Mathematics - PBS Teachers

Mega Math -Math Activities

Practical and Applied Arts Curriculum and Lessons

Vocational and Career Lesson Plans

Using Math Every Day - Consumer Math

Career and Consumer Math
Consumer Products in Metric Sizes

Everyday Math

Everyday Uses of Math Lessons

Figuring a Tip

Loans - Amortization Schedule Activity

Math in Daily Life

Math Tutorials, Activities and Lessons for Specific Careers

Art, Design, Graphics, Math

Construction Math

Explore the World of Math and Art
Fashion Design - Patterns and Weaving Lesson Plan

Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci, Golden Section, Pascal's Triangle

Geometry in Art and Architecture

Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence

Golden Ration and Fibonacci Numbers

Golden Section

Introduction to Symmetry

Mathematical Images

Phi - The Golden Number

The Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci Numbers and Nature

Unfold the Golden Rectangle

Wall Paper Patterns Lesson

    Additional Resources
    Art Careers and Resources


Area Equivalents - Converter
Basic Geometry Tutorial

Beams, Bending and Boundary Conditions

Board Foot Calculator

Board Foot Calculator

Builder's Calculators

Building Trades Calculator/Converter

Building with Triangles - Illuminations

Calculating Loads on Headers and Beams

Carpenters - Math They Use

Carpentry Formulas

Changing Decimal to a Fraction - Learning Object

Construction Tables and Calculators

Decimal Equivalents Chart

Decimal and Fraction Equivalents

Dictionary of Units

Drafting Geometric Construction

Engineering Basics -
Math, Measurement,Drafting
Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Estimating Material for House -
Lesson Plan
Fractions Tutorials - Spark Notes

How to Calculate Board Feet

Introduction to Angles

Learn About Length, Perimeter, Area and Volume

Length Equivalents

Lumber and Timber Calculators

Making Stairs

Math for the Construction Industry

Math Geometry Printouts

Math Resources & Links

Math to Build On - Construction Math

Measure It - Reading a Ruler Practice

Mechanics Math - Tutorials

Metric Measures - NIST for Kids

Metric Conversion Factors for Trades

Online Calculators for Woodworkers

Practical Geometry

Project Calculators

Read a Ruler

Reading a Ruler - Learning Object

Rise and Rafter Length Calculator

Rise and Run of Stairs

Ruler - Labeled Printable Ruler

Ruler - Labeled to 32nds

Scale Drawing - Architects in Action

Sheet Metal Gauges

Span Table for Rafters and Joists

Stair and Riser Calculations

Stairs - Building

Stairs - Calculating Rise and Run

Stairways - Laying Out

Wood Formulas

Units of Measurement - Learning Object

US Metric Association

    Additional Resources
    Carpentry and Construction Career Resources

    Plumbing/HVACR Careers

    Masonry Careers

    Painting, Finishing and Repair Careers

Agriculture and Horticulture Related Math

Calculations from the Farm Lesson Plan
Horticulture Conversion Tables and Formulas

    Additional Resources 
    Agriculture Careers

    Animal Science Careers
    Careers in the Environment

    Horticulture and Landscaping Careers

Business and Finance Related Math


Basic Accrual Accounting - Learning Object
Integrating Math into Technology

Reconciling a Bank Statement - Learning Object

Take Care of Business - Lesson and Activities

    Additional Resources 
    Business  and Finanace Careers

Cosmetologists and Barbers

    Additional Resources 
    Cosmetology Careers

Computers and Information Technology


Digital Basics Learning Objects
Basic Computer Tutorials

Programming and Networking Tutorials

    Additional Resources
    Computer and ICT Careers

Hospitality, Tourism, and Culinary

Photography, Journalism, Broadcast Media


Cooking by Numbers
Culinary and Food Math

Culinary Math Worksheets

    Additional Resources
    Culinary Careers

    Hospitality and Tourism Careers


All About Film - Using Math to Understand Movies Lesson Plan
Geometry of Lenses - Lesson Plan

    Additional Resources
    Photography and Film Careers

    Broadcast Media and Journalism Careers

Engineering Math

Machining, Production and Manufacturing


Practical Trigonometry - Learning Object
    Additional Resources
    Machining Careers

    Manufacturing Careers

    Welding Careers


Applied Math Modules
Electrical Engineering Formulas

Electrical Math

Engineering Analysis

Engineering Basics Formulas

Engineering Metrology Toolbox

Formulas and Tutorials

Golden Gate Bridge Math Online Lesson

Greek Alphabet

How to Read a Caliper - Learning Object

Manufacturing Related Math

Math Applications for the Science
Math for Manufacturers - Ruler/Measuring Templates

Mathematical Functions

Martindale's Engineering Reference Center
Solving Power Equations

    Additional Resources
    Engineering Careers and Resources

Performing Arts

Additional Resources
Performing Arts Careers

Security and Law

Electrical and Electronics Math

Additional Resources
Security and Law Careers


Box Fill Calculations
Calculations of Resistors

Conversion Calculators Online

Diagram of Relationships of SI Units

Dictionary of Units

Engineers Edge -
Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Electricity - Ohm's Law

Elements of Ac Electricity

Electrical Calculations and Formulas

Electrical Calculators - Electrician.com

Electricity and Magnetism Learning Modules

Electricity Units - Calculators
Electricians.com - Calculators and Articles

Electronic Resources

Formulae for Electrical Engineers

Math to Build On

Ohm's Law Formulas and Unit Conversions

Useful Electrical Formulas

Wire Gauge Size Calculator

Wire Gauge Chart

.....Additional Resources
Electrical Careers

Engineering Careers

Careers in Electronics

Transportation Math


Automotive Converters and Calculators
Automotive Formulas

Automotive Math Handouts

Automotive Math Worksheets

Automotive Mathematics Equations

Aviation Math and Science

Car Audio Math Calculators

Calculators - Technical

Collision Repair - Applied Academics - NATEF

Computing HP and Torque

Computing Compression Ratio

Engine Formula - 4-Stroke

Formula for Volume Efficiency and Displacement

Gear Ratios - Calculating

Gear Ratios - Wikipedia

Horsepower and Torque Calculators

Integrating Automotive Work and Math

Inovation Through Engineering - Wright Brothers

NATEF Applied Math Skills

Physics in the Automotive Industry

Physics of Racing

Physics of Racing

Shop Math Calculators - Classic Truck Shop

Using a Micrometer Worksheet - PDF

Vectors - Learn about Properies of

Vehicle Financing - Understanding

Volume Equations

    Additional Resources
    Transportation Careers

    Automotive Service Careers

    Automotive Body Repair Careers

Health and Medical Related Math


Conversions in Nursing Math
Health Converters and Calculators

Math Conversions used in Nursing

Med Calc - Math for Nurses

Medical Calculators

Medication Math for the Nursing Student

Nursing Math - Delta College

Nursing Math - Dale's Place

Pediatric Pharmacology Math

Pharmacology Math

SI Units for Clinical Use - Health

Additional Resources
Careers in Health and Medicine

Related Resources

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